New managing director appointed for stora HongKong Ltd

NEW MANAGING DIRECTOR APPOINTED FOR STORA HONGKONG LTD Earlier this year, the present Managing Director of Stora Hongkong Ltd, Helge Dahl, announced that he wished to retire. Kenneth Nystén, currently head of Metsä-Serla Ltd in Hong Kong, has been appointed to succeed Mr. Dahl. Kenneth Nystén, 38, is a native of Finland. He was educated in Sweden and the United States and has broad international experience of the forest products industry, particularly the board sector. He has been active in the United States, Singapore and Hong Kong and has worked in Asia for the past nine years. Mr. NystÈn will assume his new post when a mutually acceptable date can be established with his present employer. Stora Hongkong Ltd is STORA's sales company in Hong Kong and is responsible for the Group's sales in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan and Korea. Operations include the sale of pulp, graphic papers and board products.


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