Proposal for changes in STORA's Board of Directors

Proposal for changes in STORA's Board of Directors The notice to shareholders to attend the STORA Annual General Meeting will be published on February 20, 1998. The notice will disclose that the following members have declined reelection: Bo Berggren, Lars-Åke Helgesson, Sven Söderberg, Tom Wachtmeister and Jacob Wallenberg It is proposed that the following members be reelected: Claes Dahlbäck, Palle Marcus, Håkan Mogren, Jan Sjöqvist and Björn Svedberg The following new members have been proposed for election: Harald Einsmann, Björn Hägglund and Marcus Wallenberg Shareholders representing more than 40% of the voting rights and share capital in STORA support these proposals. It is the Board's intention that Claes Dahlbäck be elected Board Chairman and Marcus Wallenberg Deputy Chairman. Comment from Bo Berggren: My reason for adopting this position is based on what is best for STORA in the situation which has arisen. STORA's good name and reputation has become associated in an unfortunate manner with the controversial subject of management employment conditions. To the extent my actions may have cast a shadow over STORA, it is my hope that this will disappear with my departure. With a new president and what is largely a new Board of Directors, I am convinced that STORA has the potential to develop favorably in the future. It is my intention to retain the shares I hold in the Company and I shall be pleased to acquire more in the future as an expression of my confidence in those persons now taking over. For further information, please contact STORA's Senior Vice President, Communications, Mats Agurén, telephone +46 (0)8 613 66 13.


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