STORA invests in new soda recovery boiler at Stora Gruvön

Following consultations with the management of the new company, Stora Enso, the STORA Group Board has decided to invest in a new soda recovery boiler at Stora Gruvön. During 1996 and 1997, in-depth inspections of the mill's existing soda recovery boilers were conducted at Stora Gruvön in Sweden. The inspections showed that the condition of one of the boilers (No. 3) is such that renovation needs would correspond to an entirely new boiler, while for the other (boiler No. 4) extensive costs would be incurred. Given this background, the Board decided to invest in one completely new soda recovery boiler at Stora Gruvön. Investment in a new boiler would result in cost savings while also enabling higher utilization of existing pulp capacity. The estimated investment cost is SEK 600-700 million. The National Franchise Board for Environmental Protection has granted approval for the new boiler without stating any environmental conditions. These will be established at the time the new franchise is received. It is estimated that construction work will take about 20 months. For further information, please contact - Yngve Stade, Senior Vice President, Technology and R&D. Tel.: +46 (0)23 78 81 00 - Leif Wiklund, Technical Coordinator, Stora Corporate Research. Tel.: +46 (0)23 78 81 00 - Torbjörn Joghed, Division Manager, Stora Gruvön. Tel.: +46 (0)555 410 00