STORA presents its new web site on the Internet STORA presents its new web site on the Internet The STORA forest products group now presents a new-generation version of its web site on the Internet. The new web site places greater emphasis on the services provided to shareholders and the mass media. The presentation of the Group is more comprehensive and revised updating routines enable new information to be quickly included on the Group's pages. STORA's first web site was presented three years ago. In this new generation, the content and the layout has been redesigned, which makes it much easier to navigate. The address to the STORA web site remains unchanged: "Since we started using the Internet in our communications work, the medium has undergone tremendous development, both in terms of technology and content and layout," says Christer Hårrskog, acting director of corporate communications at STORA. "As in other media, we still have to attract the reader's attention through attractive layout and a structure that is easy to understand, follow and view. We have worked particularly hard on the latter points in the new version. At the same time, we need to be flexible and not assume that all readers have access to the very latest techniques, systems and equipment." Experiences gained from the former presentation have been very positive. "We know that in addition to customers, investors and students, there are other groups who are interested in finding out more about STORA. These groups are difficult to identify and reach in more traditional communications media," continues Hårrskog. "They could be located anywhere in the world and their interest could be fueled by unexpected motives. For example, our pages are visited by many people who are interested in Swedish history, and it is natural for them to come to STORA, the world's oldest company." The new web site has been produced in cooperation with A+A Corporate Design in Gothenburg. For further information, please contact Cecilia Fryksén, Infomaster, telephone: +46 (0)23-78 24 90, e-mail: