STORA will support research program in tree genetics

Supported with a 600,000 CAD grant from STORA, Sweden, through its Canadian subsidiary, Stora Port Hawkesbury Ltd, Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, will create a "Program in Genomics, Population Genetics and Molecular Breeding of Forest Trees". The new international research partnership aims at focusing responsible modern genetic methods on forestry trees to improve tree breeding methods and stewardship of the resource. Dalhousie plans to approach the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council Industrial Chair Program for matching support and the university expects to create the STORA Chair in Forestry Genetics and Biotechnology to conduct the program. The research program will enable scientists based at the researchintensive Dalhousie University to focus on mapping the genetic makeup of economically important tree species such as pine and spruce. Longer-term objectives would include identifying important genetic characteristics which could lead to improvements in tree breeding programs by identifying the elite trees needed for seed orchards. It could also assist with the responsible management of genetic biodiversity in forests. STORA is one of the world's leading forest-products companies. The company invests more than SEK 1 billion annually in research activities in order to improve production processes as well as products. In this work, STORA has developed close cooperation with leading universities and research institutes across the world. The STORA Chair holder at Dalhousie will have strong collaborative ties with the Peter Wallenberg Chair (supported by STORA) at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Sweden. For additional information, please contact: -Yngve Stade, Group Senior Vice President Technology and R&D; President Stora Corporate Research. Tel: +46 (0)23 78 81 00. -Brita Swan, Vice President, Stora Corporate Research. Tel: +46 (0)533 82151; mobile: +46 (0)10 676 74 75