Novestra makes additional investment in Bredbandsbolaget

NOVESTRA MAKES ADDITIONAL INVESTMENT IN BREDBANDSBOLAGET Novestra has participated with its pro rata share in a convertible loan and invested an additional 45,5 MSEK in B2 (Bredbandsbolaget). The final conversion price will be determind based on the next transaction in Bredbandsbolaget. "We consider Bredbandsbolaget to be one of the most interesting companies in the nordic region and belive that this investment offers a very good value potential. In addition to our direct investment in Bredbandsbolaget we have an indirect investment thorough Continuum Group Ltd who among other investments own 33% of Bredband Benelux. The development in Continuum looks very positive", says Thomas Åkerman, President and Cheif operating officer. For further information please contact Thomas Åkerman, President and COO, Novestra is one of the leading venture capital investment firms in the Nordic countries, primarily with a focus on companies providing enabling services to the network economy. Novestra's portfolio of companies includes B2 Bredband AB, Comintell AB, Continuum Group Ltd, Fanglobe Inc, Iquity Systems Inc, Mobilestop Inc, Netsurvey AB, PowerNet AB and Qbranch AB. Novestra's shares are listed on the O list of the OM Stockholm Exchange. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download:

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