Interim Report, January-March 2001

Studsvik AB - Interim Report, January-March 2001 · On April 19, Atle's General Meeting of Shareholders decided to distribute Studsvik's shares to the shareholders. · Studsvik to be listed on Stockholmsbörsen's (Stockholm stock exchange) O list on May 4, 2001. · Net sales increased by 5 per cent to SEK 196.9 million (183.1). · The result before amortization of goodwill, less non-recurring items including legal fees in the USA, amounted to SEK -17.3 million (0.7). The business in Erwin, with a result of SEK -20.0 million (4.3) is included. · The first patients were treated at the BNCT facility. · Following an extensive program to implement corrective measures, the operational performance of the Erwin facility is now largely as intended. However, market prices and volumes are still low. · The result after net financial items including non-recurring items amounted to SEK -36.2 million (18.1) and less non-recurring items amounted to SEK -24.0 million (-3.0). · A new share issue and shareholder's contribution injected SEK 320.5 million into Studsvik. Listing of Studsvik On February 19, 2001, Ratos AB and 3i Group plc made a cash offer to the shareholders of Atle AB for the acquisition of the shares in Atle. One condition of the offer was that Atle should distribute its entire shareholding in Studsvik to Atle's shareholders. Atle's shareholders decided to distribute the shares at the General Meeting of Shareholders on April 19, 2001, which means that 67.2 per cent of the equity capital and voting power in Studsvik is distributed to Atle's shareholders. SEK 320.5 million was injected into Studsvik through a directed new share issue in combination with an unconditional shareholder's contribu tion. Studsvik AB has been approved for listing on Stockholmsbörsen's (Stockholm stock exchange) O list. The first day of listing is May 4, 2001. Business Studsvik's business is normally characterized by a weak first quarter. This is particularly the case for the Industrial Services SBU where the second and third quarters account for a larger part of net sales for the year and for virtually the entire result for the year, whereas the cost for employees and technical equipment is evenly distributed throughout the year. When comparing the first quarter of 2001 with the same period in 2000, it should be noted that the facility in Erwin, USA, was still in the investment stage during the first quarter of 2000. The facility was not depreciated and interest expense accrued during the construction period was capitalized. During the first quarter of 2001, the facility in the USA was in operation and accrued interest expense and depreciation costs were charged to the result. The total amount of these expenses was SEK 11.8 million. SEK 12.2 million in non-recurring costs, for an arbitration process in the USA and for winding up the business in Studsvik Instrumentteknik AB, were also charged to the result. The arbitration process concerns the construction of the Erwin facility, where Studsvik is demanding damages from the supplier, Metric Duke. The performance of Studsvik's four SBU during the first quarter is described below. Nuclear Technology The re-structuring of an essential company for the SBU, namely Studsvik Nuclear AB, is being conducted as planned. Measures have been taken to complete a major test program to increase nuclear fuel burnup, commissioned by customers in Japan. In autumn 2000, Studsvik found that the project results were not compatible with the test program that had been agreed. This situation is now being corrected. However, the corrective measures entail extra expenses which have resulted in a deterioration in the financial performance of the SBU. The sales trend for in-core fuel management codes continues to be positive. However, major changes in the ownership structure of power producers on several geographical markets could lead to delays in closing transactions. The business in Studsvik Instrumentteknik AB is being wound up. However, the expenses will be somewhat higher than expected. Most of the close- down expenses have been charged to the result for the first quarter. For the first quarter, the operating result before the amortization of goodwill for the SBU was SEK -6.7 million (7.8). If the non-recurring items in connection with the winding up of Studsvik Instrumentteknik AB are eliminated, the result is SEK -1.0 million. Waste & Decommissioning Business within Studsvik RadWaste AB developed well during the period, with a positive trend for orders received and production. Measures have been implemented to correct the technical deficiencies in the facility for volume reduction of ion-exchange resins in Erwin, USA. Both the production capacity and volume reduction have more or less reached the levels that were originally intended. The result is currently under pressure due to low volumes as well as low prices. For the first quarter, the operating result before amortization of good will for the SBU was SEK -13.1 million (1.7). SEK -20.0 from the business in the USA was charged to the result for this period. Industrial Services After having disposed of a business in eastern Germany which provides services to process industries, SINA now conducts business exclusively on the nuclear market. The development of the health physics segment was positive and the SBU now provides health physics services to customers in Sweden and Germany as well as England and the USA. For the first quarter, the operating profit before amortization of good will for the SBU was SEK 2.0 million (1.2). Nuclear Medicine The BNCT facility at Studsvik treated its first cancer patients during the quarter. Based on the initial experience, the facility and treatment method are both performing as planned. For the first quarter, the operating profit before amortization of good will for the SBU was SEK 0.1 million (0.3). The Market for Studsvik's Products and Services Studsvik operates primarily on the market for nuclear products and services, which is highly dependent on developments within the inter national nuclear power industry. Electricity market deregulation has reduced electricity prices. Plant modernization and certain maintenance work have been postponed, resulting in shorter refueling and maintenance outages in order to minimize downtime. In Studsvik's assessment, the underlying, long-term trends on the markets where the company operates are creating favorable conditions for a positive development of the company's business. Increasingly stringent regulatory requirements on nuclear power plants in terms of environmental protection, safety and quality, are continuing to create business opportunities for Studsvik. The increasing age of operating reactors also means that there is a growing need for maintenance services. Increasing outsourcing by nuclear power plants, following electricity market deregulation, has led to a significant growth in the market for nuclear services. In the company's assessment, the out sourcing trend will continue. At the same time, the company's expertise can be applied in other areas, such as nuclear medicine. Net Sales In the first quarter of 2001, net sales increased by 7.5 per cent to SEK 196.9 million (183.1). The increase is primarily explained by the increase in net sales within the Waste & Decommissioning SBU and the Industrial Services SBU. Result The result before amortization of goodwill was SEK -29.5 million (20.9). The result for 2000 includes the SEK 20.1 million refund from SPP. The operating result declined to SEK -32.0 million (18.8). The result after net financial items amounted to SEK -36.2 million (18.1). Financial Position and Liquidity At March 31, liquid assets amounted to SEK 321.2 million (67.7) and the equity-assets ratio was 46.8 (36.6) per cent. Interest-bearing liabilities amounted to SEK 299.1 million. At the end of the period, group equity amounted to SEK 658.2 million (342.3). In the first quarter, investments in tangible fixed assets amounted to SEK 17.3 (42.7), of which fuel for the R2 reactor amounted to SEK 6.0 million. Cash Flow Cash flow from operating activities after investment in intangible and tangible assets amounted to SEK -28.7 million (-56.1). Personnel The average number of employees during the period was 1,111 (1,141). Parent Company Net sales for the parent company amounted to SEK 4.7 million (5.0). Profit after financial items amounted to SEK 14.7 million (-2.1). At March 31, liquid assets amounted to SEK 297.4 million (49.6). No investments were made during the period. Significant Events after the End of the Period Atle's General Meeting of Shareholders decided on April 19, 2001 to distribute Atle's entire shareholding in Studsvik, corresponding to 67.2 per cent of the equity capital and voting power in Studsvik, to Atle's shareholders. Outlook for the Year The result for financial year 2001 as a whole is largely dependent on the market for the facility in Erwin, USA. A critical factor is the price of the final disposal of customers' waste, which is currently putting pressure on Studsvik's income. In the long term, in the light of current legislation and the environmental and safety advantages of the THOR method, the conditions exist for a recovery. There has been a good order inflow intoWaste & Decommissioning's other business where the trend towards an increased focus on radioactive waste management in the ageing stock on nuclear reactors is making an impact. Nuclear Technology's result is affected by the extra expenses relating to the nuclear fuel burnup project. Industrial Services' business in Germany is expected to develop favorably with increased outsourcing, health physics contracts and decommissioning projects. The treatment of patients at the BNCT facility that was initiated at the end of the first quarter was conducted as planned. The status of the treated patients will be continuously monitored. If the results of the treatment are positive, the number of patients treated will successively increase. The result for the whole of 2001 is expected to be low for the Group as a whole, primarily due to the USA facility. Nyköping, April 26, 2001 Carsten Olsson President and Chief Executive Officer For further information contact Carsten Olsson, President and Chief Executive Officer, tel: + 46 155 22 10 20 or +46 709 677 020, Jerry Ericsson, Chief Financial Officer, tel: +46 155 22 10 32 or +46 709 677 032, Thomas Backteman, Senior Vice President, Communications and Investor Relations, Studsvik AB, +46 155 22 10 66 or +46 709 677 066. See also The interim report has not been audited by the company's auditors. The interim report is a translation of the Swedish original. Forthcoming Financial Information Interim report for January-June August 17, 2001 Interim report for January-September November 12, 2001 ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: The full report The full report