Be Clear On What You Want When Selling Your Home

Everyone talks about common mistakes made by home buyers – especially first time home buyers – when buying property, but what if you’re selling a home? Are there any common mistakes that people make in this area? Indeed there are and they are more obvious than you might think! 

Lets take a look on what the industry says not to do.

1. Wrong Pricing When Selling A Home

It sounds crazy but it’s true – many home sellers get their pricing completely wrong. Some price their property too high, while others go the opposite way and price their homes too low. It’s always advisable to do a Comparative Market Analysis to get a general idea of what the current market value for properties in your area are. A Comparative Market Analysis serves as a good guide to knowing how to price your home competitively.

2. Not Preparing Your Home For Sale Properly

The best way to get your house to sell quickly and at a good price is to make it as attractive as possible to potential buyers. One of the most effective ways to do this is by staging your home. There are many professional home stagers who can do this for you. If you’re selling a home, these professionals will transform it from being relatively uninteresting to totally desirable. Result: a quicker sale and higher profit for you.

3. Effective Marketing

This is absolutely key when selling a home. Once again, it might seem like a no-brainer but many properties for sale suffer from ineffective marketing. If potential buyers aren’t aware that you are selling a home, how on earth can they view it?

4. Working With The Wrong Agent When Selling A Home

Once again, this happens more often than you might think. If you’re selling a home and going through an agent, it’s safe to say that you’re depending on that agent to get you the best deal possible, right? Through the benefit of their marketing skills, expertise and guidance, you expect them to secure a satisfactory offer for you within a reasonable timeframe. However, if for whatever reason, you’ve engaged an agent who is inexperienced or unfamiliar with your area, the consequences could be significant. It’s best to interview your agent to make sure they’re right for you before you proceed.

5. Be Clear On What You Want When Selling A Home

You’d be surprised at just how many deals falter when it comes to closing because of details that the home sellers have overlooked or failed to consider. Discuss everything with your agent in advance from net profit down to the optimal closing date for your sale. 
By establishing these points beforehand, you could save yourself a lot of grief.

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