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TORONTO, Ont., April 5, 2011 – Up to 90% of consumers are online as a primary step in their Real Estate decisions. They are evaluating options, services offered and reviewing referred agents before deciding who they might want to work with. They are also looking for ways to save time and money. Sundaybell Inc., an innovative new online company, helps them do this by offering all the information they need in one location and it allows the consumer to interview and negotiate price with agents anonymously until they are ready to decide.

“Consumers are going online to look for agents and review services, as well as asking friends and family for referrals,” says Lee Redwood, VP of Sales for Sundaybell Inc., “which is how most people find their agent. Since they’re already using the Internet, we’re offering them a free tool with which they can consolidate their search, bring in referred or new agents and negotiate anonymously online in a no-pressure environment.”

In addition to finding their ideal agent, consumers can also take advantage of Sundaybell’s Referral Rewards program to refer friends to agents whom they’ve used in the past. “We feel that consumers deserve some sort of financial recognition when referring friends and family,” declares Andrew Brest, VP of Marketing.

Sundaybell is more than just a vehicle for communication between consumers and agents,” continues Brest. “It’s also a learning tool to help consumers find out what agents do, the services they offer and what fee options are available to them. According to North American market statistics, only 13% of consumers are aware that agent commissions are negotiable based on service requirements. As part of the profiling process, which only takes minutes, consumers can learn about different commission options and rebates to determine for themselves what the right price-point should be”.

By providing knowledge about real estate, the ability to negotiate anonymously and opportunity to meet new agents (plus bring in past or referred agents), Sundaybell gives the consumer knowledge prior meeting an agent face-to-face.

“It’s the consumers’ money and in today’s environment, the days of paying full commission rates without any knowledge are over,” states Redwood. “It just doesn’t make sense: consumers are smart and they know what they want, so agents need to cater to those needs and price their services accordingly”.

Once profiled at Sundaybell, consumers and agents receive email notifications informing them of new messages. By logging in, they can review their respective profiles, reply, negotiate anonymously and move forward in their decision making process. It’s smart, it’s fast and it’s easy. They can even print out a copy of their messages and use them as a tool when meeting with the agents they may want to work with.

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