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04.05.2011– I’m sure you’ve heard people who are buying a house talking about doing their PDI’s or saying strange things like, “how did your PDI go?” When I first heard the term, I thought, “What an idiot! Doesn’t he know it’s called a PDA!” Well, turns out the idiot is me because PDI stands for Pre-Delivery Inspection and in the world of pre-construction condos and new homes, it’s vitally important to do one.

Get a Pre-Delivery Inspection

Buying a Home? Do a Thorough Pre-Delivery Inspection!
So what exactly is a pre-delivery inspection and why is it so important? A PDI typically takes place when your house or condo is just about ready for you to move into. What happens is normally the builder (or it can also be the real estate broker) walks you through your new property and shows you how the various systems work, i.e. heating, electricity, etc. It’s important to pay attention to details because this is your last real chance to make sure that EVERYTHING is exactly the way you contracted for it to be before you take possession. If you take possession and complain afterwards that the ceilings in your condo aren’t 9” like you contracted for but only 8”, you might be out of luck.

I’m a First Time Home Buyer; How do I do a Pre-Delivery Inspection

When doing your PDI, make sure you’re properly prepared. For example, bring a plug-in electronic device like your phone charger to test the electrical wall sockets with. That way you can immediately identify which are working and which aren’t. Also, think about having a list with you of items you know you’ll have to check. You can either use your purchase agreement or a list of upgrades, which you had contracted for as a basis to go by. 

If you find that you’ve left something out of your PDI list, don’t worry. You can include them in a 30-day warranty form, which you can get from the local regulator that protects the rights of 'new home' buyers (each State or Province may be different), so it's important to determine who this is prior . Be prepared for unfinished work; this may happen. This also means that the builder will require access to your unit to complete the work and may show up without notice. Make sure that you take note of even the smallest problems such as chips in porcelain sinks, damaged floors and walls, scratched countertops (i.e. in the kitchen). Also make sure to address any larger issues like windows and doors that won’t open or close properly.

You did all the hard work when you went through the hassle of finding a real estate agent, paid your real estate fees and closed the deal. Don’t skip the pre-delivery inspection just because it sounds like it might be too much work now. If you do, it could turn out to be one of those things you’ll bitterly regret later on!

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