Negotiate Anonymously with Agents online at Sundaybell Before You Buy and Sell!

Finding the right real estate agent services, at the right price, may just have become a lot easier thanks to Sundaybell Inc., an innovative new company that introduces consumers to agents online using a profile based matching system. 

Why Sundaybell? Rather than having the pressure of face-to-face meetings and intimidating contracts to review, buyers and sellers can evaluate the services and commission structures local agents are willing to offer, correspond with them anonymously and decide what is right for them. “An educated customer can make better decisions. After all, it’s their money”, says Vice President of Marketing, Andrew Brest. Lee Redwood, Vice President of Sales agrees: “Real estate can be a confusing business: at Sundaybell, our goal is more than just matching you with agents of your choice, we also want to help you understand what all your options are.”

Once a consumer fills in their profile, they can choose from three proprietary web-based tools allowing them to invite agents they know, or send out their anonymous profile to all agents in the system. “It gives consumers the ability to identify their needs and ask uncomfortable questions”, says Redwood. “This way, they can really evaluate who is the best match for them”.   

“Sundaybell is not one sided either”, says Redwood. “The system has been developed to benefit the agents too. By bringing potential customers directly to the agents, they can save on marketing costs and focus on differentiating themselves”.  Brest adds, “educated consumers know what they want and it’s important for agents to meet those needs and make recommendations, not sell them or charge them for services they are not interested in.” Among the many resources available to agents are a customized profile, unlimited consumer correspondences and a chance to ‘qualify’ potential clients through their communications.

Sundaybell is free to use for consumers while agents can decide from two modestly priced membership options. Brest and Redwood stress that Sundaybell is neither a real estate agency nor a brokerage; it’s a resourceful tool for consumers to use to learn about real estate and connect with agents. “You can’t buy or sell property through Sundaybell,” says Brest, “but if you want to find an agent who can meet your specific needs, is a great place to start”.

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