Why Should I Sign A Real Estate Buyer's Representation Agreement?

All it does is protect the interests of the real estate broker, right? After all, a buyer representation agreement will bind me to that brokerage firm and I’ll be stuck!

Many of us have been seeing the recent ads recommending that consumers sign a buyer representation agreement with their real estate broker. It may look like a slick advertising campaign for real estate brokers but in actual fact, it’s protecting the consumer.

Working With A Real Estate Broker Is A Two-Way Street

Although it’s true that by signing the agreement you, as the consumer, must abide by its terms and work only with that real estate broker for the full duration of the contract. But the broker too, has obligations to fulfil and they are numerous. Once you’ve signed the agreement, your real estate broker is obligated to provide you with fiduciary duties such as: loyalty; obedience; full disclosure; duty to use skill, care and diligence; duty to account for all monies and to protect your information. Furthermore, you’re entitled to take full advantage of their expertise, knowledge and opinions. Because you’ve signed an agreement of representation, your real estate broker must look out for all your interests, even answering questions you didn’t know you should ask!

When you give your real estate broker a solid commitment to work with them, you can be sure that in return, you’ll get a solid commitment that they’ll be working for you! 

A buyer’s representation agreement actually ensures that you’ll get the full service that you’re entitled to.

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