Video: Obama Goes Through TSA Airport Scanner

President Picks Pictures Over Pat Down

Washington - November 21, 2010 - In a just released video President Obama is given the choice of going through the controversial Transportation Security Administration (TSA) full body scanner or undergoing an equally controversial enhanced pat down by a TSA official. Opting against a Presidential pawing, the Commander in Chief chooses to try out the TSA scanner also referred to as an Advanced Imaging Technology scanner. Original YouTube Link:

The controversial new machines, being tried out in select airports around the country, project nearly naked images of airline passengers allowing trained TSA officials to see through clothing and assure that people boarding the plane are not carrying nefarious devices on their person. The infamous Christmas day bomber incident is often cited as an example of the tricky places explosive devices can be hidden.

The debate should continue for some time as proponents and opponents of the screening devices and invasive pat downs share their opinions with the TSA and the Obama Administration.

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