LapSim® essence will make it easier for more medical professionals to receive validated virtual reality laparoscopic simulator training and improve their basic psychomotor skills. Virtual reality simulation has shown to deliver an effective and patientsafe route to technical competence in the operating room.

With LapSim® essence, Surgical Science will target a completely new customer segment. It is positioned as an affordable plug-and-practice virtual reality simulator that offers a new solution to the marketplace. Now medical professionals have a training option in-between low-fidelity box trainers and fully-loaded VR simulators.

A portable and ready to use VR simulator with no start-up or maintenance costs.

As a subscription service LapSim® essence will make it easier and more affordable to provide VR simulator training. With no costly capital expenditure required, the fixed monthly subscription fee includes all hardware components and software, a hardware guarantee, and automated software updates.

LapSim® essence has clearly defined learning objectives, and predefined courses for basic skills training, with all performance tracking, ergonomic and non-haptic instrument handles and a desktop setup ideal for portable course programs.

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"At Surgical Science, we have a vision of providing better medical training through technology and innovation. With LapSim® essence we can cater to a completely new customer segment, through the subscription service. LapSim® essence can be used as a separate product for basic training, or as a complement to our flagship product LapSim®. This makes it a versatile product that suits the demand we see in the market”, says Anders Larsson, CTO at Surgical Science.

Surgical Science is the leading supplier of virtual reality simulators for medical training. Our training systems for laparoscopy and endoscopy are used by medical training centers and institutes worldwide for practice, validation and certification of students, surgeons, and medical doctors. 

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About Us

There is a growing trend in medical education to train away from patients, to avoid challenging patient safety. Surgical Science Sweden AB is a leading supplier of virtual reality simulators for evidence-based keyhole surgery training as well as endoscopy training, allowing novice surgeons and medical doctors to improve their psychomotor skills and instrument handling before entering the operation room. Headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, the company has its origin from the University Hospital of Gothenburg and Sahlgrenska Academy where it was founded in 1999. With regional sales offices in USA, Dubai, and China, and with a global distributor network, we are present on most markets worldwide. Through ongoing research and close collaboration with the medical community, Surgical Science continues to provide medical professionals worldwide with the tools to improve medical performance in a cost-effective and standardized manner.