AssiDomän increases capacity in releaseliner

AssiDomän increases capacity in releaseliner AssiDomän Barrier Coating increases capacity for manufacturing double-sided PE coated releaseliner. The investment amounts to 10,2 MEUR (90 MSEK) and will extend production capacity by 30 per cent. Manufacturing takes place at AssiDomän Inncoat in Raubling, Germany, a site already specialised on these products. The new production line is scheduled to start production in mid 2000. AssiDomän Barrier Coating is the world leader within the high-end releaseliner segment. Market growth of more than 10 per cent is expected per year in this profitable segment. Customers in this segment are located in the US, Europe and Asia. -The market for this highly specialised product is presently growing rapidly. This is why we now choose a fast expansion in this area, explains Arne Rengstedt, President of AssiDomän Barrier Coating. The best way to do this is by investing in our site, Inncoat in Germany. Since the US is an important market for our products, we are also extending our customising capacity in Minneapolis. Planned installation for extrusion has been postponed slightly to secure a fast expansion at our German plant. Releaseliner is a specially coated paper, often with several coatings, which is used as protective paper for self-adhesive material. These materials are used to coat for example road signs, commercial vehicles and aeroplanes. AssiDomän Corporate Communications 9 September 1999 For further information, please contact: Arne Rengstedt, President AssiDomän Barrier Coating, Tel. +46 19 35 45 00 Eberhard Fudickar, Managing Director AssiDomän Inncoat, Tel. +49 80 35 90 12 47 ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: