AssiDomän reports environmental improvements in several prioritised areas

AssiDomän reports environmental improvements in several prioritised areas AssiDomän has cut energy consumption by 20 per cent, reduced emissions of acid-forming substances by 25 per cent, and decreased carbon dioxide emissions by 25 per cent. This is shown in AssiDomän's annual and environmental report for 2000 which is published today. For the third consecutive year, these improvements are reported in the form of environmental key ratios, something which AssiDomän was the first forest products company to introduce. These ratios are intended to provide good comparability over time and to enable systematic follow-up and presentation of environmental targets, improvements and results. The key ratios express the use of resources and environmental impact of the company's operations in relation to production volume, expressed as value added. Other key ratios relate to long-term sustainable development. The key ratio for energy and eco-efficiency shows that total fuel consumption decreased by 20 per cent. This is a result of reduced use of non-renewable fuels due to improvements in equipment and combustion technology combined with favourable operating conditions. One direct consequence of this improved energy consumption is that acid-forming emissions have also decreased. The key ratio shows a 25-per cent improvement. For emissions of carbon dioxide, a 25 per cent reduction can be noted. This is far more than Sweden has undertaken to achieve within the framework of international agreements aimed at reducing the greenhouse effect. AssiDomän's growing forest plays a key role in this context. Since about 30 per cent of annual growth in the forests is not harvested, the timber reserves are constantly increasing. Growth occurs through photosynthesis, which binds carbon dioxide in the growing forest to form what is known as a carbon sink. In 2000, for the second consecutive year, AssiDomän was one of the four forest products companies in the world to be included on the Dow Jones Sustainability Group Index, a stock index which lists the best companies in the world in terms of their ability to achieve their goals by integrating financial opportunities with responsibility for environmental and social issues. AssiDomän AB Corporate Communications 18 April 2001 For additional information, please contact AssiDomän AB Corporate Environment: Ingrid Haglind, Tel. +46 8 655 9174, +46 70 672 52 29 Lars Strömberg, +46 8 655 9173 AssiDomän manufactures and markets corrugated board, containerboard, cartonboard and sawn timber. The Group owns and manages 2.4 million hectares of productive forest land. AssiDomän has approximately 11,000 in 18 countries. Turnover in 2000 amounted to MSEK 24,600. AssiDomän's long-term main focus will be on forest ownership. The 2000 annual and environmental report can be accessed on AssiDomän's website You can also order the report from Corporate Communications, e-mail, or telephone: +46 8 655 90 00. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: