AssiDomän signs borrowing agreement

AssiDomän signs borrowing agreement AssiDomän signed an agreement today on a Swedish commercial paper programme with a scope of SEK 3 billion, arranged by Handelsbanken Markets. Other market makers are Enskilda, Swedbank Markets and Nordbanken. In addition, a Euro Commercial Paper programme with a scope of USD 750 million will be launched on April 25. This facility will be arranged by SBC Warburg with Enskilda, Citibank and JP Morgan as other market makers. Both programmes will allow borrowing for up to one year. Standard & Poor's has assigned a rating of A-1/K-1 to AssiDomän's short-term borrowing, while Moody's has indicated a rating of P-1. This means that AssiDomän has the highest creditworthiness for short-term borrowing of any European forest products company. "These two credit facilities give us access to two very large and liquid loan markets, offering the lowest financing cost and high flexibility," says AssiDomän's Vice President of Finance, Johan Lagercrantz. "It is thanks to our good credit rating that we are now gaining access to these good terms." AssiDomän AB Corporate Communications April 22, 1997 For further information, please contact: Johan Lagercrantz, Vice President, Finance, AssiDomän, tel. +46 8 655 90 00. ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: