Clarification regarding strategic development at AssiDomän

Clarification regarding strategic development at AssiDomän In today's issue of the Swedish business daily Dagens Industri, AssiDomäns CEO Gunnar Palme is quoted in a way that opens for misunderstanding. The quote - "all Business Units are equally valuable" is detached from its context and misleading. AssiDomän will successively implement what has already been presented publicly, i.e. concentrate our activities and find competitive structures for our businesses. However, it is not possible to say exactly which acquisitions, divestments or co-operation alliances will be done before deals are decided and agreed. Saying that all business Units are of the same value or importance to AssiDomän today, does not mean that the company will keep this structure also in the future. AssiDomän AB Corporate Communications 29 September 1999 ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: