Investments in Skärblacka and Piteå

Investments in Skärblacka and Piteå AssiDomän has decided to carry out investments at Skärblacka worth MSEK 485 and at Kraftliner in Piteå worth MSEK 240. At Skärblacka, a new wood room will be built for MSEK 365, scheduled for completion in January 2000. Effluent treatment will be rebuilt to comply with coming licence requirements, an investment of MSEK 70, scheduled for completion in December 1998. A new Group research and development facility, the Tech Centre, and a new laboratory for Skärblacka Mill for MSEK 50 will be completed by October 1998. The previously approved rebuilds of the two MG paper machines, PM7 and PM8, the sack paper machine, PM9, the soda recovery boiler and the power supply will also be carried out in the autumn. Together with the newly approved investments, the total investments at Skärblacka amount to MSEK 1,100. At Kraftliner in Piteå, a rebuild of PM2, including a new press section, will be carried out for MSEK 130. A new pulp washer will be built at the largest of the kraft pulp mill's three pulp lines, an investment of MSEK 110. AssiDomän AB Corporate Communications 17 June 1997 ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: