Seminar in Almedalen on the podcasting boom – meet podcast star Roman Mars from the USA

Announcing Swedish Radios seminar in Almedalen, Visby on Tuesday 30 June at 10.30 about the popularity of podcast radio all over the world. What happens when the journalistic filter disappears?

Roman Mars, presenter and founder of 99% Invisible.  

One of the main speakers at the seminar is presenter and founder of the success 99% Invisible, Roman Mars. More than 40 million downloads make 99% Invisible, which discusses design and architecture, one of the world's most downloaded podcasts.

“Radio storytelling is extremely intimate and personal. The starting point for 99% Invisible was that I take great joy in discovering and understanding the design of the world we live in”, says Roman Mars about why so many people follow 99% Invisible.

Another participant is Dave Kansas, executive Vice-President of American Public Media Group and an expert on the American market. Dave Kansas will speak about what the future of radio storytelling might be and the developments in the global podcast radio market. A large number of Swedish podcast experts will also be discussing the podcast boom and how it is affecting journalism.

“The rapid development of the media market entails both opportunities and challenges. For Swedish Radio, podcasts are a further means of meeting audience needs and above all of providing qualitative spoken content. At the same time new global digital platforms are challenging the big media companies. So one interesting question is how journalism and the opportunities to investigate current affairs are affected when more people are choosing to talk to audiences via their own channels”, says Swedish Radio’s Director-General Cilla Benkö.

Other participants:
Henrik Torehammar, presenter of the political podcast ”Det politiska spelet”
Caroline Pouron, on the latest project from the documentary podcast “P3 Dokumentär”
Patrik Syk, producer of #fallet
Hannah Widell, MD of Perfect Day Media
Thomas Mattsson, Editor-in-Chief, Expressen
Maria Hjelm, the Social Democrats' mini-podcast
Cilla Benkö, Director-General, Swedish Radio  
Moderator: Ginna Lindberg, Swedish Radio

Welcome to the Seminar “Now everyone is a podcaster. What happens when the journalistic filter disappears?”

Time: Tuesday 30 June 10.30-12.00 
Location: Wisby Strand, Kongresshallen

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The seminar will be held in both English and Swedish.

More about Roman Mars 
Roman Mars is not just the founder of the podcast 99% Invisible, a programme about design and architecture that has an audience in the millions. He also started the podcast network Radiotopia, currently the most interesting incubator for radio presenters and creators in the USA. In addition, Roman Mars has experience of new ways of financing journalism, via crowd funding.

More about Dave Kansas 
With an extensive background as a financial commentator for the Wall Street Journal and several books about the financial market behind him, Dave Kansas is one of New York's foremost observers of market developments. He is currently executive Vice-President of American Public Media Group (APMG) and uses his considerable experience to talk about both the development of the podcast radio market and to predict the future of radio.

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