General Council's decision on allocation of net income

The General Council of the Riksbank has, in accordance with the Sveriges Riksbank Act, presented a proposal regarding the allocation of the Riksbank’s net income for the financial year 2006. The General Council has proposed to the Riksdag (the Swedish parliament) that SEK 4.4 billion shall be transferred to the Treasury.

According to the current guidelines, 80 per cent of the average income – after certain adjustments – over the past five years shall be transferred to the Treasury.

A detailed account regarding the calculation of the allocation of net income is given in the written report entitled “proposal for the allocation of the Riksbank’s profits for the financial year 2006 and the General Council’s account of activities for 2006 (2006/07:RB2)”.

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The Riksbank is Sweden's central bank and an authority under the Riksdag, the Swedish parliament. The Riksbank is responsible for monetary policy with the objective to maintain price stability. The bank has also been given the task to promote a safe and efficient payment system.


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