Programme for SEK loans against collateral

In a programme of regular auctions, the Riksbank will offer three-month SEK loans to the monetary policy counterparties. Starting on 10 November, the loans will be offered at regular intervals of approximately two weeks.

"We aim to make it clear and predictable that the Riksbank will take measures when needed. By announcing in advance the dates at which it will provide loans in the period ahead, the Riksbank will create predictability and thus better possibilities for the banks to plan their liquidity supply," says Governor Stefan Ingves.

The loans will be offered in an auction process and have maturities of approximately three months. The minimum interest rate will be the current repo rate with a supplement of 0.25 percentage points, unless otherwise decided by the Executive Board.

Precise terms for each auction will be published at least two days before the auction. The announced amounts will take into account the prevailing market conditions and the outcome of previous auctions.

Dates for planned auctions for SEK loans: The table will be find in the attached pdf-file.

N.B. The Riksbank may alter the date of auctions if circumstances make this appropriate. Any changes will be announced in good time.

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The Riksbank is Sweden's central bank and an authority under the Riksdag, the Swedish parliament. The Riksbank is responsible for monetary policy with the objective to maintain price stability. The bank has also been given the task to promote a safe and efficient payment system.


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