This year's first report to the Riksdag on monetary policy - Inflation Report no. 1

On Thursday, 23 February, the Riksbank will present this year's first report on monetary policy to the Riksdag Finance Committee. Pursuant to the Sveriges Riksbank Act, the Riksbank shall present a written report on monetary policy to the Committee at least twice a year. The Inflation Report will be available for collection from 8 a.m. onwards at the Riksbank's main entrance, Brunkebergstorg 11. It will also be available as a pdf file on the Riksbank's website, It can also be ordered via e-mail from, by fax +46 8 787 05 26 or telephone +46 8 787 00 00. The repo rate will be announced at the same time as the report is published, at 8 a.m. on Tuesday. Governor of the Riksbank Stefan Ingves shall report on monetary policy to the Riksdag Finance Committee at 9 a.m. and thereafter answer questions. The Governor’s speech “Introduction on monetary policy” will be published at the same time. A press conference on the Inflation Report will be held at 1 p.m. at the Riksbank. Entrance from Brunkebergstorg 11. Admission by presscard. The press conference will be broadcast live on the Riksbank’s website,

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The Riksbank is Sweden's central bank and an authority under the Riksdag, the Swedish parliament. The Riksbank is responsible for monetary policy with the objective to maintain price stability. The bank has also been given the task to promote a safe and efficient payment system.


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