SWE-DISH launches FA150K Lite

SWE-DISH Satellite Systems launches a new fly-away satellite terminal: the SWE-DISH FA150K Lite. It will be presented for the first time at Satellite 2006, Washington DC, 7-9 February.

The new FA150K Lite is a ruggedized, easy to transport and quick to air, up and down link satellite terminal, designed for easy and rapid deployment during harsh environmental conditions. The FA150K Lite comes with new functionality, as well as several enhancements. The lightweight FA150K Lite is optimized for quick departure via checked in luggage through commercial airlines, in accordance with IATA regulations. During transport the antenna is divided and stowed in strong and rugged flight cases, fully commercially airline checkable. On site, the antenna is easily deployed without tools. The antenna is a high performing elliptical 1.5 m Gregorian offset antenna. It gives broadband capability from 64 kbps to 60 Mbps, and supports various types of services such as IP. The FA150K Lite also features tracking of inclined orbit satellites. The FA150K Lite can be upgraded to a FA150T, one of the worlds smallest DISA certified Tri-band systems, and depending on mission quite easily reconfigured between FA150K Lite and the FA150T. Lars Jehrlander, CEO at SWE-DISH Satellite Systems, says “Our customers, both broadcasters, defense and government organizations have high demands on the products they use. Not only performance when transmitting, but also ease of use and high mobility when it comes to weight and size. With the new FA150K Lite, we meet the requirements not only from our customers, but also from the airline companies requiring IATA compatibility for all checked in luggage”. The SWE-DISH Fly-Away satellite terminal family has grown and now consists of: - FA150K Fly-Away: the well established system where the transport crate unfolds and forms the platform for the antenna; - FA150K Lite: where the housing crate has been removed to enable IATA shipping concept by stowing in separate IATA flight cases; - FA150T Mil Fly-Away: the world's smallest DISA certified tri-band terminal which can operate on Ku-, X- and C-band. For further information, please contact:




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