SWE-DISH launches Remote Monitor & Control system

SWE-DISH Satellite Systems launches a new RMC, remote monitor & control system for our Fly-Away satellite terminals.

The new SWE-DISH RMC system is a new developed system, and it is based on a well proven and world-wide distributed platform for remote management and control. It offers the user the control and monitoring of all vital components as well as auto acquisition from a remote location. It could be from the HUB centre or any other location. The RMC is accessible through landline (> 300 feet), or through wireless connection such as GSM or via the satellite segment. It is designed with ease of use in mind and quick-to-air, and it does not require any specific training to operate. The RMC gives both defense and broadcast users the possibility to concentrate on their task and mission, instead of operating a satellite terminal. Lars Jehrlander, CEO at SWE-DISH Satellite Systems, says “Our mission is to make it, as easy as It can be for our customers to use our products, not only when it comes to performance when transmitting, but also ease of use and effective mission operation. The RMC further enhances the user friendly operation of our Fly-Away terminals. The SWE-DISH Fly-Away satellite terminal family has grown, not only with this new remote monitor and control platform it now consists of: - FA150K Fly-Away: the well established system where the transport crate unfolds and forms the platform for the antenna; - FA150K Lite: designed for commercial airline check in via checked luggage; - FA150T Mil Fly-Away: the world's smallest DISA certified tri-band terminal which can operate on Ku-, X- and C-band. All different terminals can be reconfigured through quick disassembly/assembly of exchangeable modules.


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