Alingsåshem wins prize for renovation of Million Programme area

​Alingsåshem, led by Managing Director Ing-Marie Odegren, has been chosen by the consulting engineering company Sweco as the winner of the 2010 Swedish Energy Prize for its renovation of the Brogården residential area.

Prior to renovation, the Brogården residential development from the first half of the 1970s consisted of 300 old and run-down rental units. With the use of passive building techniques, energy consumption in the units has now been reduced by 75 per cent.

“We have taken a holistic approach to the renovation project. The focus has been on energy and environmental consideration, but at the same time we have worked hard to create economic and social sustainability. We want Brogården to be a safe and attractive area where people enjoy living,” says Ing-Marie Odegren, Managing Director of Alingsåshem.

In response to an acute housing shortage, the Swedish government launched an initiative between 1965 and 1974 to build one million new residential units, today known as the Million Programme. The structures were built in an era when energy was cheap and there is often major potential for energy savings in connection with refurbishment. In many ways, Brogården is a typical area from that period.

“With around 650,000 similar homes and apartments still to be renovated, many property owners have a lot to learn from Alingsåshem. Projects of this type are crucial in meeting the Swedish parliament’s target to achieve a 20 per cent reduction in the country’s energy usage by 2020,” says Eva Nygren, President of Sweco Sweden.

For additional information contact:
Ing-Marie Odegren, Managing Director of AB Alingsåshem , +46 322 - 61 77 27
Rebecka Gunner, Head of Communication, Sweco Sweden, +46 734 – 12 66 75

 The jury’s motivation:

The 2010 Swedish Energy Prize has been awarded to AB Alingsåshem. Through well structured quality management, the company has developed the passive building concept and shown the value of coordinating energy efficiency with other renovation measures. With great precision they have both met rigorous energy goals and achieved many other technical and social advantages.

The Brogården development is a good example of how buildings typical of the Million Programme can be modernised for the future, and should serve as an inspiring example for other property owners in Sweden.”


  • The Swedish Energy Prize will be awarded by Sweco at the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm on 23 November. The prize will be presented by Johan Rockström, Executive Director of Stockholm Resilience Centre. Since the start in 1984, the Swedish Energy Prize has focused on ideas that contribute to reducing society’s energy consumption in various ways. This year’s prize ceremony marks the first time in 27 years that the Swedish Energy Prize has gone to a woman.
  • Alingsåshem owns and manages 3,200 residential units and builds around 50 new units every year. Brogården was built during the period 1971-73.
  • Other nominees for the prize were:
    Örebro Bostäder AB, Karlstads Bostads AB and Fastighets AB Brostaden.
  • The jury consists of Carl-Erik Nyquist, Jury Chairman, Tomas Kåberger, Director General of the Swedish Energy Agency, Lars Nilsson, former Editor in Chief of Ny Teknik, Lennart Jagemar, Associate Professor at Chalmers University of Technology, Per Fahlén, Professor at Chalmers University of Technology and Louise Trygg, Researcher at the University of Linköping, as well as Lars Olof Matsson and Karin Annerwall Parö from Sweco.


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