Sweco to examine Stockholm’s future energy supply

Sweco has been chosen to perform a system analysis of the entire Stockholm region’s future energy supply. The goal is to develop proposals that are favourable from both an energy and climate perspective.

Sweco will formulate a number of clearly defined courses of action and strategies that will enable the Stockholm region to minimise its energy usage and climate impact within three time horizons – by 2020, 2030 and 2050.

”It is important to see energy supply as a system in which of the parts are mutually interrelated. Otherwise, there is a risk that financial and environmental gains in one area are eaten up by losses in another,” says Rose-Marie Ågren, Assignment Manager at Sweco.

Aspects to be studied include the supply, conversion and use of energy. The study is focused on Stockholm County, but the possibility for action outside county borders can also be taken into account.

Sweco’s system analysis is being carried out on behalf of the Stockholm Office of Regional Planning and Urban Transportation (RTK) as part of a larger energy study from a climate perspective in which the RTK is involved. The project is a collaborative effort between the public sector and private sector, according to the PPP model, with funding from a number of different sources. Sweco’s work will be presented in June 2009.

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