Change of the allocation of shares in Swedbank due to conversion of preference shares to ordinary shares

The allocation of shares in Swedbank AB (”Swedbank”) has changed due to owners of preference shares having requested during the month of August 2009 conversion of an aggregate of 38,050,112 preference shares into ordinary shares pursuant to the conversion clause set forth in Swedbank’s articles of association. After the conversion, the number of ordinary shares in Swedbank amounts to 553,423,524 and the number of preference shares amounts to 219,636,594. The total number of shares and votes is unchanged and amounts to 773,060,118. The conversion has been filed for registration with the Swedish Companies Registration Office and is expected to be finalized by registration with Euroclear Sweden AB around September 7, 2009. Pursuant to the conversion clause, an owner of a preference share is during the months of February and August each year, from and including August 2009 to and including February 2013, entitled to request that such shareholder’s entire holding of preference shares are converted into ordinary shares. All remaining preference shares will be subject to mandatory conversion into ordinary shares during the month immediately following the month in which the Annual General Meeting 2013 is held, however, not earlier than the day after the record day for any right to receive dividends resolved at such Annual General Meeting. Further information, please contact: Johannes Rudbeck, Head of Investor Relations, Swedbank, phone: +46 70 582 56 56 Anna Sundblad, Press Officer, Swedbank, phone: +46 70 321 39 95

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