Nomination Committee for 2006

The 2006 Annual General Meeting of FöreningsSparbanken AB will be held in Malmö Tuesday 25 April 2006. The following persons are the members of the Nomination Committee: Ramsay Brufer representing Alecta Pensionsförsäkring Ulf Christoffersson representing the Independent Savings Banks and The Swedish Savings Banks Organisation Jan-Erik Eurenius representing AMF Pension Allan Karlsson representing Sparbanksstiftelsernas Nya Förvaltningsaktiebolag och Sparbanksstiftelser (Savings Banks Foundations) Carl Eric Stålberg Chairman of the Board of Directors of FöreningsSparbanken Chairman of the Nomination Committee will be appointed at the first meeting with the Committee. The Nomination Committee is to make proposals to the 2006 AGM regarding the election of Chairman of the AGM, the election of Chairman of the Board and Board members. The Committee is also to make proposals regarding the Board members’ and auditors’ fees. The proposals of the Nomination Committee will be presented in the invitation to the AGM and simultaneously on the webb site of FöreningsSparbanken. Further information: Carl Eric Stålberg, Chairman of the Board of FöreningsSparbanken, phone: +46 8-585 912 96 Cecilia Hernqvist, secretary of the Board of FöreningsSparbanken, phone: +46 8-585 913 23

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