Nomination to the Board of FöreningsSparbanken (Swedbank) 2006

The Nomination Committee of Swedbank has proposed Mr Mart Laar and Mr Anders Nyblom as new members of the Board of Directors of Swedbank. Mart Laar, resident in Estonia, was born in 1960. Mr Laar was Prime Minister of the Estonian Republic during the periods 1992 – 1994 and 1999 – 2002. Mr Laar introduced radical economical reforms in Estonia and laid the groundwork for EU entry talks. Mart Laar has received a number of international awards for his political initiatives. He has been a member of the Estonian Parliament since 1992. Mart Laar is a Doctor Philosophie of Tartu University. Anders Nyblom was born in 1954. He was employed by Swedbank in 1993, promoted to executive vice president 1998 and was part of the executive management of Swedbank. Mr Nyblom left Swedbank 2001 to become President and CEO of the successfully family run company Nyblomgruppen AB. Mr Nyblom was employed by Svenska Handelsbanken for 13 years where he held different positions before joining Swedbank. “We are pleased to nominate Mr Laar and Mr Nyblom as new members of the Board”, says Mr Allan Karlsson, Chairman of the Nomination Committee. “Mr Laar has extraordinary experience of the market conditions for doing business in the Baltic states, which are important home markets for Swedbank. With his unique network not only in the Baltic states but in all the neighbouring countries we are convinced that Mr Laar can contribute to the development of the business”, says Mr Karlsson. “Mr Nyblom’s former background in the Swedish banking industry together with his experience heading an SME makes him a top-notch candidate”, Mr Allan Karlsson observes. The Nomination Committee proposes re-election of Carl Eric Stålberg, Chairman, Ulrika Francke, Berith Hägglund-Marcus, Thomas Johansson, Göran Johnsson and Caroline Sundewall. Mr Bo Forslund and Mrs Marianne Qvick Stoltz have declined re-election. The 2006 Annual General Meeting of Swedbank will be held in Malmö on April 25, 2006. The following persons are the members of the Nomination Committee: Ramsay Brufer, representing Alecta Pensionsförsäkring Ulf Christoffersson, representing the Savings Banks Jan-Erik Erenius, representing AMF Pension Allan Karlsson, Chairman of the Nomination Committee, representing Sparbanksstiftelsernas Nya Förvaltningsaktiebolag and Sparbanksstiftelser (Savings Banks Foundations) Carl Eric Stålberg, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Swedbank For further information: Carl Eric Stålberg, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Phone + 46 8 58591296

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