Biovitrum - Interim Report January 1 - September 30, 2008

Strong financial third quarter. Product acquisition from Amgen paves
the way to expanded market platform

July - September

*           Net revenues amounted to SEK 294.2 M (199.8). The profit
  for the quarter was SEK 9.8 M (-22.5),
                corresponding to earnings per share of SEK -0.21

*           Cash flow from operations was SEK -25.5 M (-46.3). Cash
  and cash equivalents and short-term
                investments as of September 30 amounted to SEK 534.1
  M (805.3).

*           Biovitrum signed an agreement with Amgen to acquire
  Kepivance® and Stemgen® and an exclusive license
                for Kineret®, paying a signing fee of USD 13 M.

*           A clinical study started of Exinalda(TM), for the
  treatment of fat malabsorption in patients with cystic

*           The outlook for 2008, on the whole, remains unchanged,
  excluding costs related to the product acquisition
                from Amgen and restructuring cost.

January - September

*           Net revenues amounted to SEK 826.3 M (956.9). The profit
  for the period, before restructuring and other
                onetime costs, was SEK 44.9 M (81.4). After
  restructuring and other onetime costs the result was SEK -
                88.1 M (81.4), which represents earnings per share of
  SEK -1.94 (1.78).

*           Cash flow from operations was SEK -124.0 M (-14.7).

*           The restructuring of the research organization was

*           A phase I/II study of a new long-acting factor IXFc
  protein started in the US.

*           A phase II study in patients with idiopathic
  thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP) was started.

*           Results of two clinical phase II studies were reported
  (A2A and 5HT2A projects).

*           Mimpara® has been approved by the European Commission for
  the treatment of primary
                hyperparathyroidism (PHPT). Mimpara is the first
  medication to be approved for the treatment of PHPT.

After the end of period

*           The Board of Biovitrum has decided to further focus the
  company's R&D operations by discontinuing the
                early research on small molecules. This will affect
  about 100 employees and further reduce the fixed cost
                base over time. Negotiations with the unions will be
  initiated shortly.

CEO's comments:"The financial results for  the quarter were  stronger than the  same
period 2007 which is satisfying. The agreement  with Amgen  regarding
acquisition  of  three  unique  biotechnological  drugs  is  a   very
important milestone  in  our  ambition  to  become  an  international
specialist  pharmaceutical  company.   We  will  expand   Biovitrum's
commercial presence to include other areas of Europe, North  America,
Australia and New Zealand.  This partnership also  paves the way  for
the future international  launch of in-house  developed drugs,"  says
CEO Martin  Nicklasson adding  "our  continued restructuring  of  the
early research operations is also  an important step to decrease  our
fixed cost base in order to focus on the development of our  pipeline
to the market."

For more information please contact:

Erik Kinnman, VP Investor Relations
Cell phone: +46 73 422 15 40

Martin Nicklasson, CEO
Phone: +46 8 697 2545

Göran Arvidson, CFO
Phone: +46 8 697 23 68

About Biovitrum
Biovitrum is a pharmaceutical company  with operations in Sweden  and
in the UK. The company markets a range of specialist  pharmaceuticals
primarily in the Nordic countries. Using its expertise and experience
Biovitrum takes scientific innovation all  the way to the market  and
to specialist  indication  patients with  significant  medical  need.
Research  expertise   and   capabilities  include   development   and
production of biotechnology therapeutics,  as well as small  molecule
discovery and  development. With  revenues of  approximately SEK  1.3
billion and around 500 employees, Biovitrum is a significant European
specialty pharmaceutical player. Biovitrum's  share is listed on  the
OMX  Nordic  Exchange  in  Stockholm.  For  more  information  go  to


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