Good News for Justice and The Rule of Law

GOOD NEWS FOR JUSTICE AND THE RULE OF LAW The Supreme Administrative Court announced today that it requires more time to review the Government's decision to shut down the Barsebäck 1 nuclear power plant. "In view of the need to uphold the principle of justice and the rule of law, this is good news," says Sydkraft's CEO, Lars Frithiof, in a comment. "Barsebäck is a complex issue, and a careful legal review is essential. This announcement means that Barsebäck 1 can continue to operate, since stay-of- execution is still in force." "In principle, postponing decisions is not a good thing. But at the same time, from Sydkraft's point of view and that of personnel at the Barsebäck plant, today's announcement means that the Court is taking the time required to consider a case of this nature. The exchange of documents between the parties has now been completed, and we understand that the Supreme Administrative Court requires a further month or two to reach a decision." Sydkraft submitted an application for legal review in February 1998, and the Supreme Administrative Court has been considering the case for almost a year. Issued by Sydkraft AB (publ) Information Stieg Claesson ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download:

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