Sygn Software goes for the American market

Sygn Software goes for the American market Sygn Software will now concentrate its efforts in the American market. During this spring, an affiliated company, Sygn Software Inc., has been established in Boston, Massachusetts, and now, the company will participate two major IT- exhibitions in the US; Fall Internet World in New York and Comdex in Las Vegas. The main product for Sygn Software, is a web-based standard-application for structuring information, called Sygn Manager . This newly developed product organizes work in an entirely new way. Single documents and files as well as complete information structures (incl. websites, pictures etc.) can be reached by a web-browser. The user works with the original information, which put an end to mailed-around copies and different versions of one and the same document. Information Management is put on The Web - In the years to come, we will gradually see a change into information management getting web-based giving the user a wide range of client devices, from stationary PC's to mobile devices, including Web Pads and Palms. This trend is presently most obvious in the US, the UK and in Sweden. In this context Sygn Manager serve as a broad storage and information management tool. Together with StarPortal from Sun Microsystems it gives the user a complete "Office solution", ready to be downloaded from Net, says Per-Arne Brattemo, founder and president of Sygn Software. Modernizing the work Sygn Manager is the first software of its kind able to manage even large information structures over a simple web-browser. It has a support for group collaboration, business- and knowledge management plus general file management. Sygn Manager has potential to accomplish a great step forward to modernizing and render more effective work, throughout the world. For further information, please contact: Lena Brattemo, General Manager, Sygn Software Inc, phone +1(617) 621-4033 Anna Näslund, Information Manager, Sygn Software AB (publ), phone +46 8 590 941 88 Sygn Software is an independent software vendor within the area of web-based information management. Sygn Software´s newly developed platform Sygn Manager is a three-layer java-application. It allows the user - no matter where he or she is - to download a virtual office through a web-browser. All relevant information is organized in easy understandable business-structures for further use - Content & Context Management in one and the same interface. The company is located in Upplands Väsby, north of Stockholm, Sweden, and has an affiliated company; Sygn Software Inc. in Boston Massachusetts. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: