Tactel provides engineering services to Phillips

Tactel AB, the Scandinavian Mobile Software Engineering firm, today announced it has won a contract with Group Coframi, a software engineering and consulting firm, to provide engineering services to Phillips. Tactel will provide services for the development of Bluetooth related software to Phillips development center in Sophia-Anthipolis, France.

- We are very pleased to announce Group Coframi, and indirectly Phillips, as a new customer, says Per Henriksson CEO at Tactel. Phillips is an important power in e.g. the handset manufacturing industry, and we are very pleased to help them grow and maintain that position.

Over the past years Tactel has developed into a significant provider of software engineering services all three major player types in the network world; handset manufacturers, network operators and content providers. . The company today employes 180 professionals in its offices in Malmo, Lund and Husqvarna, Sweden.
About Tactel
Tactel is a leading software engineering firm of mobile applications, providing solutions and consulting services to many of the world's major network operators, content service providers and mobile handset vendors. We help these customers stay ahead of the game by designing genuinely original applications, and making sure they work on all networks and with all handsets.

For more information, contact
Per Henriksson, CEO
Phone: +46-40-250600


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