Arkessa describes keys to M2M success at IPEXPO

Cambridge UK, October 2010: Speaking at IPEXPO (Earls Court October 20-21) Paul Green, Director of Technology and Marketing at remote internet firm, Arkessa has said that there are four keys that firms need to hold if they’re to unlock success when implementing M2M networks.

In a presentation, Paul described the keys critical to success in reaping the commercial benefits offered by wireless connectivity and remote Internet services, such as M2M. The four keys were described as: Key one: Connect everywhere Consistent wireless access to the Internet needs to be enabled in flexible ways through multiple mobile networks. Key two: Connect securely Security measures intrinsic to the service are needed in order to protect the device and the data within it, protecting the connection that the device makes to the network and the data moving through it, and protecting the network itself from illicit access. Key three: Connect reliably To be reliable, connections need to be monitored to gain a complete understanding of their performance. Immediate access to the data that’s moving through each connection is vital as is total control over the device that’s supported by each connection. Key four: Manage the information The data derived from M2M connections is only data. It becomes information of value only when accessed and interpreted appropriately. So, being able to access the data and use it in real time is critical to the success and viability of an M2M implementation. Paul said: “Through our Centre for Remote Internet Arkessa provides its clients with these four keys and so enables them to unlock and access the real benefits that M2M can deliver. “Arkessa provides ubiquitous coverage with the highest levels of security and reliability. And, through our Command Centre, we enable clients to have immediate real-time access to data, giving them total support and control.” For more information about Arkessa’s Services, call +44 (0) 845 3311 668, or visit