MyDish Serves up Dinner with a Dragon

Secrets of legendary ex-Dragon’s Den star Deborah Meaden.

Ever wondered what a dinner party with a Dragon would be like?, the online destination that lets you search, store and share recipes online reveals the dinner party secrets of legendary ex-Dragon’s Den star Deborah Meaden.

Deborah Meaden is a well-known business person and entrepreneur. Appearing on hit BBC show The Dragon’s Den, Meaden is well known for her business skills: what she perhaps isn’t so well known for is her cooking skills.

That has now changed with the launch of the MyDish ‘Dinner Party Menu Challenge,’ a new challenge looking to find and publish a different dinner party menu each week.

For her part in the challenge Meaden decided on a menu of pumpkin Soup, followed by Beef Wellington with green beans and roast potatoes; all finished with sticky toffee pudding.

To assist Meaden in the kitchen was top chef Giancarlo from La Cucina Caldesi, in Marylebone High St, London. The outcome of the completed dish was a complete success.

Carol Savage, from who accompanied Deborah to the cook-off says;

“The MyDish Dinner Party Menu Challenge has really got off to a great start with Deborah Meaden. Our aim with the new competition is to showcase some classic recipes each week – and encourage other food fans to have a go at making them themselves.

“The day taught us many things, chief among them being that no matter how busy you are, as Meaden undoubtedly is, and no matter how out of practise you may feel that you are when it comes cooking, with a little bit of support and help it is possible to create and serve an impressive selection of dishes and recipes. We would encourage anyone who is doing some festive entertaining this Christmas to check out our website for some dinner party inspiration.”

The website is a space where food lovers can search for any tried and tested home recipe, in a vast range of categories and cuisines, including a selection of great chicken recipes .

Fit for a Dragon: Deborah Meaden’s Autumn British Menu


Pumpkin Soup

Top Tip: The trick to a great pumpkin soup is to add a hint of sage flavouring just before serving.

Main Course

Beef Wellington

Top Tip: Create small pancakes to place on top of the pastry – this will stop the puff pastry getting soggy from the juices of the meat and mushrooms.


Sticky Toffee Pudding

Top Tip: Try to save some for the rest of your family.

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