Protect Your Home - When You’re Not In It

You’re more likely to be burgled when you’re away, so take some smart steps to make your home more secure.

Leaving your home unattended can increase the risk of burglary by 24%, according to figures released by AXA.

And with this year set to be full of social events, it’s particularly important to bear the risk in mind.

The Olympics, the Jubilee and the holiday season mean that more people will be leaving their homes unattended than ever, but if you put some simple security measures in place you can reduce the risk of being burgled. Here are some ways to make sure you’re not caught out while you’re out having fun:

Don’t advertise it:

It’s tempting to let all your friends know your every move on social networking sites such as Facebook, but unless your privacy settings are high other people might have access to this information. So if you’re advertising the fact that you have tickets to an Olympic event, or are jetting off for a bank holiday mini-break, bear in mind that potential burglars could be reading all about it too.

Watch who else you tell:

If you’re getting a taxi to take you to the airport, don’t tell your driver that you’re leaving the house unattended – and don’t say how long you’ll be away for. Similarly, don’t gossip about the exact details of your holiday in your local shop, as other people could be listening.

Get a house-sitter:

OK, so it might seem extravagant to employ someone to take care of your home while you’re away, but ask a friend or neighbour to pop in and water the plants or feed the cat. They can also keep an eye on the house, and alert you if there are any problems with security.

Cancel your newspapers:

It sounds pretty obvious, but make sure newspapers aren’t piling up as that lets intruders know that the house is empty. Ask a neighbour to put your post somewhere safe, so it’s not sticking out of your letterbox for days on end.

Occupy your drive:

If you’re taking your car away with you, don’t leave your drive empty – invite a neighbour to come and park there, giving the message that there’s someone home.

Don’t leave a light on:

Switch all the lights off before you leave the house, and use a timer so that at least one light comes on regularly.

Invest in an alarm:

If you’re planning on going away, fit a burglar alarm, security lights and a plug-in timer to deter burglars. It’s worth spending money on security if it means you come home to a house that’s untouched by intruders.

Don’t skimp on insurance:

John Lewis Home Insurance offers unlimited cover on its Contents Insurance, so you can relax and enjoy your time away knowing that you’re covered if the worst does happen. If you have valuables, they’re covered up to £15,000 per item and £30,000 in total.*

About John Lewis Insurance:

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  • Optional 24 hour Home Emergency service - up to £1,500 including labour and parts.

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* There is no total sum insured limit but money, single article and total valuables limits apply.

Terms, conditions, limitations, exclusions and acceptance criteria apply. A copy of the policy wording and insurance complaints procedure is available on request.

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