The Most Common IT Support Queries IT Help Desks Received in 2011.

The most common IT support queries IT help desks received in 2011 included questions about error messages, operational error messages and updates, downloads and patches.

The messages that pop up on the monitor from time to time can throw some people into a panic, usually because they fear they have caused a problem and the whole system is going to crash. For the non-technically minded this can be a major worry, so it is good to know that help is just a click away. There are some very common messages that pop up on the monitor from time to time sometimes due to operator error and sometimes due to a technical glitch, knowing how to deal with them and what they mean is why we have a help desk.

Amongst the common IT support queries IT support companies received in 2011 were questions regarding downloads, upgrades and patches. Often clients aren’t too sure if they need these elements or how to implement them, so having someone to ask and guide them through the process is very useful.

Program compatibility is also a very common query; it can be very difficult to know if programs are compatible with each other, as some programs can interfere with the running of the system and cause crashes and loss of data or slow processes down. The support team is there to offer help and guidance to ensure a safe and reliable software solution.

Other common IT support questions IT help desks received in 2011 include, queries about servicing and maintenance, from requesting a maintenance quote, to requesting the reinstatement or updating of maintenance and servicing contracts.

The recovery of data following a computer system crisis is a common request which comes through to the IT help desk and in 2011, it ranked highly in the common support queries, the loss of data has to be one of the most dreaded of all the computer related issues and queries regarding recovery of lost data are very common.

Keeping an IT system running and performing to its optimum, will require IT support, upgrades do need to be implemented from time to time and this is one of the areas that promotes many IT support queries, making it one of the most common IT support queries, the IT help desk received in 2011.

Queries regarding online and computer security was another common theme for queries to the IT support help desks in 2011, with the ever present threats from virus, scams, spam mail etc. Security is a headache for a lot of businesses, by ensuring all security protocols are met and implemented, the very best in IT security it is possible to keep the threats to a minimum.

Networks and relocating of equipment also ranked high in the number of common queries coming through to the IT support help desks, setting up new networks and or repositioning equipment can result in ‘down time’ for the system, and ‘down time’ can mean loss of revenue and client confidence, neither of which is good for any business. With the right IT support the transition is almost effortless will minimal disruption the business.

The most common IT support queries to IT help desks in 2011 all required the specialist knowledge of a dedicated team to make sure any and all queries or requests were able to be resolved to the satisfaction of the client.

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