Tandberg Data receives successful qualification by major OEM

Tandberg Data is pleased to inform that the company has been successfully qualified by a major OEM for the delivery of RDX QuikStor. Following this qualification, shipments of the new disk solution will commence in November.

Tandberg Data entered into an agreement with a major OEM for a new low cost removable storage drive and media in the second quarter. The agreement was subject to successful qualification and the name of the solution was not revealed. Tandberg Data hereby confirms the company has received necessary qualification and that the disk solution in question is the RDX QuikStor launched in third quarter.
Tandberg Data estimates the value of the agreement to be USD 50-60 million in revenue over the first three years.

For further information please contact:

Gudmundur Einarsson, CEO
tel +47 90 61 22 14

Live Haukvik Aker, CFO
tel +47 90 92 38 27

About RDX QuikStor:
RDX QuikStor is a removable hard disk drive system. The RDX QuikStor device allows for backups to be accomplished in the traditional fashion of working just like tape - moving data directly to a device with removable media.
It takes the RDX QuikStor drive less than an hour to back up 80 GB of native data at its 30 MB per second transfer rate. For this same operation in the tape world, a DLT V4 drive takes over two hours.
The RDX QuikStor media has all of the read/write advantages of a hard disk drive. What also takes hours of serialized search in the low-end tape world, takes milliseconds with the RDX QuikStor drive.
In brief, a RDX QuikStor backup lets you vastly improve customer response times by allowing you to recover customer files in minutes instead of hours.