Seven tips for an awesome family adventure

Wildland Adventures launches new Peru Family Adventure

When planning their new Peru Family Adventure Wildland Adventures used their list of seven tips for awesome family adventures to create a tour guaranteed to make your kid’s What I did over my summer vacation presentation truly memorable!

“Today, 20 years after we started offering family tours, we have travelers who have literally grown up with us and now we are planning their own children’s family adventures,” says Kurt Kutay, co-founder and director of Wildand Adventures. “When we plan any family trip, including our new Peru Family Adventure, we build it around our seven tips for an awesome family adventure.”

Wildland Adventures’ seven tips for an awesome family adventure: 

  1. Meet the localsGuests will have the opportunity to meet and interact with indigenous families throughout the tour including staying in a local village on Lake Titicaca.
  2. Engage each member of the familyThis Peru family travel adventure is full of active adventures and unique experiences which will thrill mom, dad and kids alike!
  3. Choose a good guideThe Peruvian family adventure guide is a native, English-speaking Quechua, and one of the most experienced mountain guides in the Peruvian Andes.
  4. Build adventure anticipationWildland Adventures provides detailed pre-departure packets for their family travelers including colorful and engaging information such as laminated wildlife guides, picture books of the local culture for the kids and age-specific reading lists.
  5. Sometimes it is the destinationWildland Adventures has designed their family vacations so longer drives, hikes and bike rides are broken up with interesting, beautiful stops that culminate at a special destination.
  6. Let the kids shineFor family adventure vacations it is especially fun to try activities that allow families to discover an inner source of strength, skill or bravery.
  7. Kids leading kidsWildland Adventures involves not only local guides and communities, but local families so guests can learn about life in another culture for a person of a similar age to themselves.

About Wildland Adventures
Rated by National Geographic Adventure as the #1 Best ‘Do-it-all’ Outfitter on Earth, Wildland Adventures has guided travelers through fragile natural and cultural environments for 25 years, creating innovative ways to support local people and help protect their culture, environment and communities. Offering more than 130 unique itineraries in 28 countries, on a Wildland adventure vacation there are remarkably few barriers between visitors and local cultures, creating an authenticity in the way people travel and the places they encounter. A sample of destinations offered include Costa Rica, Peru, Patagonia, the Galapagos, Belize, East and Southern Africa, Alaska, Turkey, the Middle East, India and New Zealand. Wildland Adventures is proud to be a founding member of Trusted Adventures, an alliance of top adventure travel companies offering adventure trips around the world. For more information, visit

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When we plan any family trip, including our new Peru Family Adventure, we build it around our seven tips for an awesome family adventure
Kurt Kutay, co-founder and director of Wildland Adventures