Understanding the Business of Entertainment —An indispensable guide to the legal and business essentials all filmmakers should know.

American Film Market® Presents Understanding the Business of Entertainment: The Legal and Business Essentials All Filmmakers Should Know, an indispensable guide to the business aspects of the entertainment industry, providing the legal expertise you need to break in and to succeed. Written in a clear and engaging tone, author, award-winning screenwriter and entertainment attorney, Gregory Bernstein covers the essential topics in a thorough but reader-friendly manner and includes plenty of real-world examples that bring business and legal concepts to life.

Whether you want to direct, produce, write, edit, photograph or act in movies, this book covers how to find work in your chosen field and examines the key provisions in employment agreements for creative personnel. If you want to make films independently, you’ll find advice on where to look for financing, what kinds of deals might be made in the course of production, and important information on insurance, releases, and licenses.

“Whether you’re already in the business, or on the outside and looking in trying to make sense of the dizzying elements, this is an easy to read and comprehensive book from an expert who masterfully illuminates the fundamentals. As a screenwriter himself, Greg has now completed the task of weaving together the story of production as a business with the enabling elements that come before and after the cameras roll.”
—Jeffrey C. Ulin, Media Executive, Attorney, Lecturer, and Author

Author Bio:
Gregory Bernstein has worked in the entertainment business for the past 33 years from both the business and creative sides — as an entertainment attorney, studio business affairs executive, WGA union senior executive, and award-winning screenwriter. Read more…

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9781138775794 | $44.95 / £28.99 in paperback | June 2015

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