Song Networks provides terrestrial fiber based communication service directly from London to Beijing through Russia

Song Networks provides its customers direct access to China through Russia as an extension to its own fiber network. The service is the first in the market that utilizes fiber optic access across from London to Beijing. Through diversified fiber routes and equipment the connection is provided fully protected.

Song Networks Holding AB (Stockholmsbörsen: SONW) announces that its Finnish subsidiary Song Networks Oy and CJS TransTeleCom have signed an agreement for interconnection of networks. With the co-operation, Song Networks can provide its customers direct access to Beijing, China through Russia. "With our partners, we have the best local knowledge at our use. This increases in turn the quality and flexibility of our services. With this service, our customers are able to expand and fully use their information systems in Beijing and thus increase the efficiency of their investments ", says Hanna Grönberg, Director of Carrier and Wholesale Relations, Song Networks Oy. "With this new routing, we reach significant decrease in latency compared with the traditional routes through the Pacific Ocean. The latency is an essential parameter in modern network applications, for example VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems. Latency is approximately 4 times less when routing through Russia. For businesses this means that for a Chinese unit, no separate local solutions are needed. Instead they can be connected to existing ICT (Information CommunicationTechnology) systems and applications", says Jorma Mellin, Network Manager of Song Networks Oy. For information, please contact: Song Networks Oy Ari-Jussi Knaapila, Managing Director Phone: +358 30 994 2310 Mobile: +358 50 994 2310 E-mail: Song Networks Oy Hanna Grönberg, Director, Carrier and Wholesale Relations Phone: +358 30 994 2366 Mobile: +358 50 994 2366 E-mail: Song Networks Oy Jorma Mellin, Network Manager Phone: +358 30 994 4762 Mobile: +358 50 994 4762 E-mail:

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