Tecnomen Corporation         PRESS RELEASE   31.10.2005


OneTel in the United Kingdom has awarded a contract to Tecnomen for its Next
Generation Telco Server. Onetel, the UK's largest communications service
provider, provides over 1.7 million fixed, mobile and internet connections to its
residential and business customers.

The Telco Server integrates a wide variety of applications from multiple sources
to fixed and mobile operators. In turn, these operators are able to quickly
deliver innovative services to their subscriber base. The Tecnomen Telco Server
is a carrier grade, scalable, multipurpose access platform utilised in building
voice and video applications for current circuit switched and IMS networks. The
Telco Server is open and standards compliant, facilitating rapid service
development and providing high port density. Because of these qualities, operator
implementation of the server results immediately in lowered CAPEX and OPEX.

"Our corporate strategy is based on addressing future growth opportunities. In
order to achieve this, we demand a stable, flexible platform that supports our
innovative messaging applications. We need open standards, multipurpose and
scalable access platform that enables us to reduce our operational costs", says
Mr Phil Pavitt, Chief Information Officer, Onetel.

"This contract with Onetel marks the beginning of a new era for Tecnomen of
providing cutting edge IP media servers to telecom operators, service providers,
and system integrators as well as 3rd party messaging application developers"
says Mr Kai Honetschlaeger, Sales Director, Tecnomen Europe. "Onetel's contract
attests to our ideal position within this new market area and clearly establishes
the growth potential of our Telco Server business worldwide."

The Tecnomen Telco Server is a product from Tecnomen's Messaging portfolio.
Tecnomen Messaging solution includes some of the most advanced technology on the
market for meeting the needs of mobile subscribers today and tomorrow.  With the
Tecnomen Messaging solution, operators and service providers can build messaging
service packages tailored to suit their individual requirements, and offer their
customers the advanced added-value services required to succeed in today's
competitive market.

Mr Kai Honetschlaeger, Sales Director, Europe, Tecnomen Corporation,
tel. +49 171 623 3900, kai.honetschlaeger@tecnomen.com

About Tecnomen
Tecnomen develops messaging and charging solutions for telecoms operators and
service providers worldwide. Founded in 1978, it is one of the leading suppliers
of messaging solutions, and has a strong market position in prepaid systems and
intelligent network components. Tecnomen markets its products and services
through its own worldwide organisation, as well as through global and local
partners, and has supplied its products to customers in over 50 countries.
Headquartered in Espoo, Finland, Tecnomen has 360 employees working in 13
locations. The company's shares are quoted on the Main Lists of the Helsinki
Exchanges. For more information on Tecnomen visit www.tecnomen.com.

About OneTel
Onetel is the UK's largest communications service provider and today supplies
over 1.7 million fixed, mobile and internet services to residential and business
customers. Onetel has been a vocal player in the telecommunications industry,
helping to bring key changes to the market to enable greater choice for customers
through innovation and regulatory change. Onetel is part of the Centrica Group,
which also operates under the British Gas, Scottish Gas and Dyno brands in the

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