Tele1 Europe provides broadband services to FöreningsSparbanken

Tele1 Europe provides broadband services to FöreningsSparbanken One of the leading Nordic banking groups, FöreningsSparbanken (Swedbank), has signed a contract with the broadband operator, Tele1 Europe, to connect at least 25 of its largest bank offices to Tele1 Europe's network. This will give FöreningsSparbanken access to the Nordic region's fastest broadband network for data and telephony. Tele1 Europe is providing FöreningsSparbanken with a solution for telephony and data, which is more cost-effective and offers more bandwidth than other competitors are able to offer. - FöreningsSparbanken is an important client for Tele1 Europe. We are offering a large company with many offices a broadband-based data and telephony solution. As a new supplier of broadband network services, we were able to build a broadband network right from the start, without having to take historical factors into account. We have therefore used the very latest technology from partners such as Lucent Technologies, Hewlett Packard and Cisco Systems. This gives us clear competitive advantages," says Anders Brismo, MD of Tele1 Europe Sverige. FöreningsSparbanken has imposed requirements for increased capacity through co-ordinated broadband solutions for telephony, data communication and cost-effectiveness. - We were looking for broadband solutions for data and telephony services, which complement the network we already have. Tele1 Europe offered the best solution at the best price compared with its competitors, says Anders Lindberg of FöreningsSparbanken Sverige. For more information, contact: Tele1 Europe Holding AB FöreningsSparbanken Ivar Strömberg, CEO Erik Sjölund Telephone: +46 8 56 31 00 01, Telephone: +46 8 58 59 26 08 Mobile: +46 701 81 00 01 E-mail: E-mail: About Tele1 Europe Tele1 Europe is a fast-growing data and telecommunications operator with interests in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. The group's business concept is to offer broadband solutions for data, telephony and the Internet to large and medium-sized business and organisations in the Nordic countries. Tele1 Europe is currently the only Nordic data- and telecommunications operator investing in local access networks with broadband capacity. This construction is taking place in the nine largest cities in the Nordic countries. The access networks, which are linked together with a long-distance network, will be Europe's fastest super highway for data and Internet traffic with an initial capacity for customers of up to one gigabyte. ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download: