Two new partners in Broadwaves UMTS consortium in Norway

Strengthened investments in open network and real competition: Two new partners in Broadwaves UMTS consortium in Norway You Communications and the 2G/3P Group have joined forces as new partners in Broadwaves consortium, which has applied for a license to build up 3G mobile telephony in Norway. At the same time, the consortium's name is changing from BusinessNet to Broadwave Communication. The consortium was previously comprised of Tele1 Europe, Western Wireless International and Rix Telecom. The same partners are behind a UMTS license application in Sweden. Our goal is to strengthen the application. We are convinced that the blend of skills and experience will bring a new dimension and create competition in the Norwegian market. We have chosen an open network approach with the purpose to create an increased variety in service offering, competition and a better value for the end-users. "Right now, the mobile market looks like a monopoly, says Pål E. Vegard, managing director Tele1 Europe AS. We chose to join forces with Broadwave in Norway and Sweden because we see the benefits in the open network strategy of Broadwave. It will provide us with "limitless" opportunities for sophisticated, integrated voice and content services. Thanks to Broadwave, we can offer the same services to the Norwegian and Swedish markets, says Mikal Rohde, You Communications' managing director. Thirty-six private telecom companies in the Finnet alliance own 2G/3P - a Finnish mobile operator group. Suomen 2G Oy is Finland's third-largest GSM operator and Suomen 3P Oy is the Group's new operator company. The 2G/3P Group also owns one of the four UMTS licenses in Finland and is launching its countrywide GPRS network in January 2001. Further information, please contact: Tele1 Europe Holding AB Christer Palmgren, Director Mobile Services Phone: +46 8 5631 0092 E-mail: Tele1 Europe Holding AB Cecilia Johansson, IR-manager Phone: +46 8 5631 02 19 E-mail: About Tele1 Europe (NASDAQ: TEUR, Stockholm Stock Exchange: TEUR) Tele1 Europe is a fast-growing data and telecommunications operator with operations in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. The group's business concept is to offer broadband solutions for data, telephony and the Internet to large and medium-sized business and organisations in the Nordic countries. Tele1 Europe is currently the only Nordic data and telecommunications operator investing in local access networks with broadband capacity. This construction is taking place in the nine largest cities in the Nordic countries. The access networks, which are linked together with a long-distance network, will be Europe's fastest "motorway" for data and Internet traffic with an initial capacity for customers of up to one gigabyte. About Western Wireless International Corporation (NASDAQ: WWCA) Western Wireless International Corporation ("WWI") a subsidiary of Western Wireless Corporation (WWC). WWC is a leading provider of wireless services in the United States, serving 930,500 customers in 19 states as of June 30, 2000. It is a publicly traded company with a market capitalization of $4.0 billion. WWC's markets cover over 25 percent of the U.S. landmass and an aggregate population of around 9 million. WWC's management team has had one of the most successful track records in the industry over the last 18 years, beginning with the founding of McCaw Cellular (now AT&T Wireless); WWC has built one of the fastest growing and best performing cellular businesses in the United States and previously led the introduction and expansion of GSM technology in the United States. In February 1999, WWC spun-off its GSM operations into a separate company, VoiceStream Wireless. WWI is a leading provider of wireless communications services into international markets. Since 1996, WWI has built and launched wireless networks in Iceland, Latvia, Georgia, Croatia, Ghana and Haiti and is currently constructing nationwide cellular networks in Ireland, Cõte d´Ivoire and Bolivia. In total these systems are licensed to provide wireless services to over 65 million people. WWC´s website address is About 2G/3P group Suomen 2G Oy (2G) is the third countrywide GSM operator in Finland. 2G will launch a nation-wide GPRS network in January 2001. Suomen 3P Oy (3P) is a new service provider currently setting up the service portfolio based on 2,5G technology. 36 Finnish local phone companies, 20 of which run regional GSM 1800 networks, own both 2G and 3P. Besides mobile communication operations, the 3P/2G group provides services in most fields of telecommunications and data communications. The 2G/3P group is also the major partner (74 % ownership) in one of the four UMTS licence holders in Finland (Finnish 3 G Ltd.). About Rix Telecom AB (Göteborg List: RIXT) Rix Telecom is a data and telecommunications operator working on the fixed network, with the emphasis on serving private customers. In the space of a short time, a combination of marketing measures has placed Rix Telecom amongst the largest Swedish telecommunication companies in terms of the number of customers administered. Rix Telecom has its head offices in Göteborg, Sweden. About You Communication You Communication are a mobile service provider defining itself as a knowledge and marketing organisation. The company is offering mobile communication services and intelligent network solutions to both consumers and the business community. You Communication are developing its service portfolio based on extensive partnering and focused operations. You's website address is About Site Communication Since April 2000, Site Communication AS has been providing mobile solutions and voice and WAP services to consumer and business markets. Scandinavia Online, an Internet portal, and Studentsamskipnaden in Oslo are Site Communication's largest owners. The company is a virtual' operator in the GSM network; it invests heavily in customised, integrated mobile, voice, data, and portal solutions. The Student Site ( project targets sophisticated service development for the student market. How? Through extensive co-operation with content and service providers within communication, student culture, and institutions. Site Communication AS provides other telecom operators with flexible services at competitive prices. The company co-operates closely with Scandinavia Online when it comes to mobile portal solutions. ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by BIT The following files are available for download: