Obigo makes internet via mobile phone user-friendly

Obigo is launching a new version of its world-leading mobile application software suite that both maximises the user experience and cuts costs for mobile phone manufacturers. Among other things, the new release contains a substantially upgraded Obigo Browser that now displays any type of web page and gives mobile phone users a choice of several innovative new ways of presenting content.

Teleca developed the world’s first commercial WAP browser in 1997. Since then, the company has remained a leading producer of software products that increase the functionality of mobile phones. The new Obigo® release, which is fully adapted for use in the latest 3G phones, includes a mobile browser that can display any type of HTML-based web page. To make things easier and better for users, web pages intended for computer screens can now be presented in several new innovative ways on mobile screens. Features include the patent-pending solution Thumbnail™, which provides a miniature page overview from which a selected part of the page can be magnified to fit the entire mobile screen, making both navigation and reading easier. Other presentation aids include Smart Frame Handling, which brings order to pages with frames, Hot Spot Navigation, which automatically finds the body text on web pages, Screen Optimised Rendering, which adapts web pages intended for computer screens to mobile screens, and Zoom, which enables pages to be magnified. Other Obigo applications have been similarly improved and refined: Obigo Messenger now features Smart Composer, which makes SMS and MMS messaging more efficient, and the Trust engine, a product from the Philips LifeVibes™ product range, adds support for OMA DRM 2.0, which enables music, games and other content to be downloaded securely. It is also possible to move content between different units, such as mobile phones and PCs. Obigo fulfils the latest requirements from both operators and standards bodies such as Open Mobile Alliance (OMA). By means of an efficient architecture in which the same code is shared by several different applications, Obigo requires less memory than other products with equivalent functionality. Obigo also minimises processor requirements, thereby enabling mobile phone manufacturers to cut their hardware costs. The operating system, hardware and user interfaces have all been improved. The combination of Obigo Widgets, a graphics library used during integration, and an updated test suite ensures shorter development times and lower costs for mobile phone manufacturers, while making things easier for operators who wish to customise the look and feel. “The initial reaction of leading companies in the market has been very positive,” says Joakim Nydemark, managing director of Obigo AB. “The new release meets the latest market and standardisation requirements and has been developed in close collaboration with leading operators and our biggest customers. I am confident that our efforts will be well received by the market.” For more information please contact: - Joakim Nydemark, Managing Director, Obigo AB,, mobile: +46-706351609 - Dag Sundström, CEO, Teleca AB, mobile: +46-705116458

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