Telelogic and Carnegie Mellon Announce First Graduates of Enterprise Architect Certification Program

- Telelogic and Carnegie Mellon Partnership Addresses Growing Global Demand for Qualified Enterprise Architects -

MALMÖ, Sweden and IRVINE, California – Jan 30, 2007 – Telelogic (Stockholm Exchange: TLOG), the leading provider of software solutions that align advanced systems and software development with business objectives, today announced that the first group of enterprise architects have earned their certification in enterprise architecture (EA) from the Carnegie Mellon University’s Institute for Software Research International ("ISRI").

The program, a collaboration between Carnegie Mellon and Telelogic, was introduced in January 2006, and is taught by seasoned, instructor-certified professionals from Telelogic using course materials provided by CMU ISRI. Coursework addresses the challenges and benefits of enterprise architecture, and provides participants with a practical approach to successfully implement and use enterprise architecture (EA) within their organizations.

Students who complete each program course are awarded a certificate of completion from Telelogic and ISRI; students who complete the final course are certified as enterprise architects by Carnegie Mellon. Program graduates gain an advanced understanding of the EA concepts and practices needed to successfully establish and lead EA teams and projects in the public or private sector.

“The combination of the Telelogic track record in EA and CMU’s reputation as an educational leader has helped us lay a baseline of knowledge for success. We were able to cross-fertilize our training programs to target the needs of a specific audience—enterprise architects. This program ensures that these graduates share a common base of knowledge that will make them successful practitioners in both the public and private sectors,” said John Grasso, director of Strategic Development and Distance Learning in ISRI at Carnegie Mellon.

“We are proud to present our first graduates their EA certification. These professionals have shown that they have the expertise, ability and commitment to be enterprise architects that can support business and technology development projects and promote global best practices for enterprise architecture,” said ISRI's EA curriculum manager, Dr. Scott Bernard. “It is an achievement to certify our first EA practitioners so soon after the program’s launch.

“This professional certification program is a significant step in advancing the maturity of enterprise architecture in both the public and private sectors,” said Greg Sikes, executive vice president, Telelogic. “We see a growing demand for this type of certification. Companies focused on improving their operational efficiencies recognize the value this formal instruction, from one of the world’s leading educational institutions.”

After completing each course, attendees earn a joint Telelogic/Carnegie Mellon Certificate of Completion and Continuing Education Units. Graduates of the EA program also become certified Enterprise Architects. The courses are designed from a careful analysis of the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed by enterprise architects working at different levels of organizations.

The program is available as a public course, held regularly in Reston Virg.; Chicago, Ill.; and Irvine, Calif. Private courses are also available on request. For more information about the course, visit:

Quotes from Certified Enterprise Architects

HB Gill, Apogen
“Credentials from a prestigious university like Carnegie-Mellon University are invaluable in establishing credibility as a practitioner and being effective in helping clients establish and maintain an enterprise architecture. I will apply what I have learned in my new role as Project Manager at the Dept. of Labor. I believe my completion of the enterprise architecture certification from CMU was instrumental in my selection for this position.”

Tyson Brooks, Management Consultant/Enterprise Architect, BAE
“The Carnegie Mellon/Telelogic Enterprise Architecture Certification program provided me with the knowledge of how an enterprise architecture can ensure an organization’s business processes, technology, data, and applications are aligned to management's strategic objectives. I now feel I have the required skills to develop, implement and properly manage an EA program to help clarify and optimize the interdependencies and relationships amongst business operations and underlying IT infrastructure.”

Christopher Macroglou, Highmark
“I was interested in the CMU certification program because it combined the knowledge of two leaders--Carnegie Mellon and Telelogic--and could deliver an overview of the practical and real world applications of EA. From the class, I gained a firm understanding of what EA should be. The course gave me a well-structured approach to frameworks, processes and methodologies that are successful. I now feel more confident in my ability to sell the value of EA to business and to make an EA a win.”

Darren Barber, IT Program Manager/Certified Enterprise Architect, General Dynamics
"This program was an opportunity for me to sharpen my EA skills and become more effective in contributing to the development of General Dynamic’s Government EA customers. I was able to broaden my knowledge of EA frameworks, processes and methodologies, which has made me more dynamic and efficient in my job. This certification is an important step in my career."

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