Telelogic DocExpress® 3.0.1 adds XML links, simplifies document publishing

Telelogic DocExpress® 3.0.1 adds XML links, simplifies document publishing - Newest release of automated documentation tool provides better formatting, greater integration MALMÖ, Sweden and IRVINE, California - December 20, 2001 - Telelogic, (Stockholm Exchange: TLOG), the leading global provider of solutions for advanced software and systems development, today released a new version of Telelogic DocExpress, the industry's leading automated solution for engineering documents. DocExpress 3.0.1 provides robust support for XML data files and tightens integration with other Telelogic tools and a wide range of third-party products. "The new XML link provides a multitude of possibilities for automated data gathering and presentation," said Alex Polack, VP of Documentation and Reporting Solutions for Telelogic. "Most engineering tools are striving to add XML export capability to support data sharing. DocExpress leverages this industry trend by extracting XML-normalized data and applying custom formatting as it is imported into a publishing system," Polack said. "The complexity of today's software product development lifecycle and use of distributed teams has made the collection and publication of engineering data very difficult to manage," said Bill Philbin, senior vice president of Telelogic's global product operations. "By applying automation to document production, our customers are reducing manual processes, eliminating the impact on engineers, and creating documentation that is timely and accurate. The new features included in version 3.0.1 enable us to expand our technology leadership in the automated application lifecycle market," Philbin said. Leading companies and organizations worldwide now use DocExpress to manage document production and reporting throughout the software development lifecycle. By combining role-appropriate tools, processes and practices into one comprehensive solution, project teams can effectively manage and automate document production and updates. The product's ease of setup and high degree of automation accelerates document delivery, while improving quality and reducing costs. "Tool connectivity in today's world has created an interesting challenge," said Cliff Sadler, Telelogic DocExpress product marketing manager. "Now, more than ever, customers want to see a comprehensive view of their project data, even if it's stored in different places. "Doing that offline would be nearly impossible without the automated capabilities of a gathering and publishing tool like DocExpress," he said. "Plus, it can publish on demand and reformat the data as desired, giving you a great, cost-effective way to share project status and content. This all comes without the pain and expense of inventing tools to make it happen." DocExpress 3.0.1 Enhancements The added functionality of version 3.0.1 provides considerable advantages. Customers can reduce the cost of providing comprehensive project documentation and review material; developers can easily contribute content for reports and documents, while managers can appreciate the ease and low cost of implementation. Key enhancements include: · Improved support for Telelogic DOORS® - Text, pictures, tables and embedded OLE objects from DOORS, the world's leading requirement management tool, can now be obtained by DocExpress. For instance, DOORS data can be recreated in a document as is or it can be altered based on a formatting template. Now you can reuse the same requirements for different documents - without having to alter data in DOORS. Furthermore, you can call any process, including another DocExpress extraction, based on DOORS data types and values. So, users can hop to related data in other tools during document builds, creating interleaved presentations of related information, regardless of where they are stored. This increases understanding and reduces the need for appendices and cross-references. · Enhanced support for Adobe FrameMaker - DocExpress/Factory adds significant support for DOORS data to its FrameMaker publisher. Users can specify format-mapping templates to be applied to DOORS data as it is extracted. All FrameMaker style, format and template tools are available to the user. · Link to Telelogic CM Synergy - Reports from CM Synergy, Telelogic's Configuration management tool, can be formatted and reformatted at will, using DocExpress' template mapping. All the features of Microsoft Word, FrameMaker, or HTML are available for presentation of critical project status. With DocExpress/Factory's process automation, creating status reports becomes simple. · Link to XML - Now, any XML file can be included in your documents. DocExpress can take the data and apply custom formatting on the fly, as it is being imported. By using DocExpress/Factory, you can automatically generate the XML file and format it into an attractive, usable document. · Support for Microsoft Word XP - Word XP formats are supported by DocExpress 3.0.1. · Availability DocExpress 3.0.1 is available immediately on Windows NT, Windows 98, and Windows 2000. About Telelogic Founded in 1983, Telelogic ( is the leading global provider of solutions for advanced software and systems development. The company's automated application lifecycle solution includes integrated best-in-class software and professional services for requirements management, change and configuration management, development, testing, and documentation. Telelogic enables organizations to improve quality and predictability, while reducing time-to-market and overall costs in software development. Built on an open architecture that ensures interoperability with other leading third party solutions, Telelogic's products are based on international standardized languages and notations. Telelogic participates in 3GPP, Bluetooth SIG and OMG to create future communication technologies and visual software development languages and methods. Headquartered in Malmö, Sweden the company has more than 1,000 employees worldwide. Customers include Airbus, Alcatel, BMW, Boeing, BT, DaimlerChrysler, Deutsche Bank, Ericsson, Lockheed Martin, Lucent Technologies, Motorola, NEC, Nokia, Philips and Siemens. ### Telelogic, DocExpress, Telelogic DOORS, Telelogic Tau and Telelogic Synergy are registered trademarks of Telelogic AB. All other names or product names are the trademarks, service marks, or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Contact Americas: Contact Europe/Asia: Michael E. Donner Ingemar Ljungdahl VP, Marketing and Communications CTO Telelogic Americas Telelogic AB Phone: +1 (949) 885 2496 Phone: +46 40-17 47 01 Fax: +1 (949) 885 2555 Fax: +46 40 17 47 17 E-mail: E-mail: ------------------------------------------------------------ This information was brought to you by Waymaker The following files are available for download:

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