Telelogic opens new business area within 3G and Bluetooth

Telelogic opens new business area within 3G and Bluetooth MALMÖ, February 23, 2000 - Telelogic is starting a new business area that will offer software components for third generation mobile telephony (3G) and Bluetooth. The objective of this business area is to achieve sales of 50 MSEK within 12 months. "This is a natural step in our efforts to offer total solutions," declares Anders Lidbeck, CEO and President of Telelogic. From the start, Telelogic has worked to standardize 3G and Bluetooth, which is why we have a big lead over our competitors. And by "productifying" the services that we already offer, to a large extent, we can broaden our range of products and increase our profitability and growth." Telelogic's products, under the name Telelogic Tau, make communications software development more efficient. In addition, Telelogic supplies supplemental consultant services. The software components, which like the products, will be based on global standards, will add to the package. These function as standardized building blocks that speed up the customer's development process, and give the customer the opportunity to concentrate on adding unique value to its finished product. Component operations will be concentrated in a single business sector based in Sweden. "Sweden is at the forefront with regard to both 3G and Bluetooth," observes Sverker Hannervall, the head of Telelogic's global service operations. "This comes at just the right time. The major communications manufacturers are competing to be the first out with 3G products, and thanks to our expertise, we can considerably shorten our customers' lead times." The component area is expected to have a turnover of 50 MSEK within 12 months, and should make a positive contribution to Telelogic's profits as early as 2001. About Telelogic (Stockholm Stock Exchange:TLOG) Telelogic does business in ten countries under through its own companies, and in a further 20 countries through distributors. It leads the market in development environments for technical software, especially in real time applications. By offering high quality graphical development tools and related services, Telelogic makes the development of software faster, less labor intensive, and more reliable. The company has a global client base, including the majority of the leading suppliers such as Alcatel, Cisco, Ericsson, Fujitsu, Hewlett- Packard, Lucent, Motorola, NEC, Nokia, Nortel Networks and Siemens, as well as a number of universities and institutions all over the world. The software market is moving towards more visual programming methods, and Telelogic leads in the production of the next generation of development tools in this area. A directed stock issue was implemented in January of this year, and has provided the company with capital for continued expansion. Telelogic is now well prepared to deliver rapid and complete solutions for the complex challenges faced by the communications industry. For more information on Telelogic, please visit Contacts: Anders Lidbeck Catharina Sundelin CEO and President Information & Investor Relations Manager Telelogic AB Telelogic AB Phone: +46 (0)40-17 47 00 Phone: +46 (0)40-17 47 30 Fax: +46 (0)40-17 47 47 Cellular: +46 (0)705-17 47 30 E-mail: Fax: +46 (0)40-17 47 47 E-mail: ------------------------------------------------------------ Please visit for further information The following files are available for download:

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Telelogic is a leading global provider of solutions for advanced systems and software development. Telelogic's intuitive, best-in-class software tools automate and support best practices throughout the development lifecycle, leaving development teams free to concentrate on core competencies and apply their skills and energy to value-added tasks. By optimizing each phase of development, Telelogic enables companies to deliver higher quality systems and software with greater predictability, reduced time-to-market and lower overall costs. To ensure interoperability with third-party tools, Telelogic's products are built on an open architecture and standardized languages.