Telelogic Solutions Improve Quality and Reduce Time-to-Market at SwitchCore

- Swedish Integrated Network Device Manufacturer Enhances Products and Processes with DOORS and Tau-

MALMÖ, Sweden and IRVINE, California – November 22, 2006 – Telelogic (Nordic Exchange/Mid Cap/TLOG), the leading provider of software solutions that align advanced systems and software development with business objectives, today announced that SwitchCore AB (Stockholm Exchange: SCOR), Lund, Sweden, a manufacturer of integrated network devices for data, voice and video communication based on the Ethernet standard, is using Telelogic DOORS and Tau to improve its processes and products. Independent market analysts rank SwitchCore as the world’s fastest growing supplier in the Gigabit Ethernet switching device market.

Traditionally, SwitchCore has managed software and product requirements using word processing and spreadsheet programs. Consequently, the company had limited traceability between documents and no traceability between requirements and test specifications. According to Jens Hultman, manager of Systems and Software at SwitchCore AB, besides being very time-consuming, this manual process could not guarantee every requirement was included in the finished product. As a result, in 2005 the company began evaluating requirement management solutions. However, because SwitchCore subcontracts the development of software drivers to Mindtree Consulting, Bangalore, India, an international information technology services company, any solution had to support distributed development.

These challenges have been solved with the implementation of Telelogic DOORS. Telelogic DOORS is the company's market- and technology- leading family of solutions for requirements management that improves quality by optimizing communication and collaboration, and by promoting compliance and verification. Using DOORS, SwitchCore is now able to maintain traceability between all documents for all requirements specifications.

Based on the company's quick success with DOORS, it explored other Telelogic solutions and selected solutions from Telelogic's Tau product family, which automates design and development best practices. "With the tools we had, we could not validate what we had developed, which could jeopardize product quality," said Hultman. In the future SwitchCore will investigate the possibility to automatically generate a reference model from the UML specifications.

Improvements are numerous since implementing Telelogic solutions. With complete traceability from DOORS throughout the entire requirements specification process, SwitchCore has increased product quality and it can now validate that all requirements have been met. In addition, DOORS has virtually eliminated the time staff spent tracking different versions of requirements. As a result of implementing Tau and leveraging the power of its formal language (UML), the company is able to validate and simulate code to ensure that all functions as required prior to release.

"Our investment in DOORS and Tau has minimized the risk of a product not meeting requirements, which is extremely costly and of course unwanted," said Hultman. "Overall, our development process is shorter now as well as smoother, and our staff now have more time to focus on value-added activities. For example, the manufacturing lifecycle for our new Xpeedium product has been shortened considerably by using Telelogic products."

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